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The BFM General Fund provides the following basic, essential needs of your missionaries. We call these commitments “Essential Maintenance Transactions” (or EMT).

Your missionaries’ salary

Many of you who are reading this brochure have a job that you depend on to provide a regular income for the financial means to meet your living expenses and provide for your family needs. z Salary costs for each of your individual missionaries are $1,803 each month.*

z The combined salaries for al 12 missionaries every month is now over $21,449.

z The total annual salary expenditures for your missionaries is $257,388.

*NOTE: All figures and statistics are current as of end of 2013.

When you look at your monthly Mission Sheets contribution record, you will notice that some missionaries do not receive enough individual support to cover even their basic salary, let alone the other additional expenses described below, all of which are supplied from the General Fund.

The difference between what is given directly to an individual missionary [either undesignated, designated “salary,”

or designated “as needed”] and his basic salary is supplied by BFM supporters from the General Fund. NOTE: All contributions to an individual missionary that exceed his salary amount are deposited in the individual missionary’s account for his use.

In hard economic times you expect to see increases in your income that enable you to cover the increasing expenses of your family’s

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