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Contract for new extended surface surveillance system at Changi airport

Changi International Airport in Singapore is now using a new surface management system following two successful rounds of testing by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore at the beginning of December. ERA was awarded the

contract for supplying an extension of its previous system in June 2012. The expansion of the current system involved adding 13 remote ground stations. The Multi-sensor

Surveillance System (MSS) consists of 34 ground stations with central time architecture. The stations are completely waterproof in order to withstand the typical local climate of heavy monsoon rains. The airport can also utilise 100 ADS-B squitter beacons for vehicle tracking called SQUIDs by ERA. The need for an extension

of the ERA MLAT system came about as a result of rapid development at the airport and is expected to continue even further.

Changi Airport is also planning to add a fifth terminal by 2020. Terminal 1 incorporates a cactus

Changi is currently the tenth busiest airport in terms of aircraft movement. It operates three terminals and two runways with an annual passenger capacity of 66 million. The fourth terminal is under construction and should open in 2014.

garden, complete with a rooftop garden, showcasing over 40 species of cacti and succulents. The Orchid Garden at Terminal 2

features spider orchids, Singapore’s famous hybrid butterfly orchids, and moth orchids from the Orchid Island of Taiwan. The newest part of Changi Airport is Terminal 3. Awarded the Green Mark Gold designation in 2009, it spreads out over seven levels, three of which are underground. It houses the world’s

first butterfly garden in an airport which is home to over 1,000 butterflies. Its collection of 200 carnivorous plants covers enough floor space as 50 soccer fields. One of the more unusual aspects of Terminal 3 is the green wall - a five-story-high

vertical garden running across the main building, which is intertwined with four cascading waterfalls.


Ground and air services handling company Swissport has completed the acquisition of Servisair from Derichebourg SA. With the deal, Swissport now

employs more than 55,000 personnel, and the company´s network exceeds 255 stations in 46 countries. “The acquisition is an essential

part of Swissport´s growth strategy. Our customers will benefit from the enlarged global network, the increased portfolio of value-added services, the

40 / AF / January 2014

combined operational excellence and the consistent service quality worldwide”, said Per H. Utnegaard, Group President and CEO of Swissport International. The integration of Servisair into Swissport

is expected to be completed within 2014. Swissport International Ltd. is the world´s

largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry. The company provides ground services on behalf of some 700 client-companies and handles around 224 million passengers

and 3.9 million flights per year. The company operates 120 warehouses and moves approx. 4.0 million tonnes of cargo. With a workforce of around

55,000 personnel, Swissport is active at more than 255 stations in 46 countries across five continents, and generates annual consolidated operating revenue of CHF 3 billion. Swissport is owned by PAI Partners, a European private equity firm.

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