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spa opportunities Find great staff 31 JANUARY - 13 FEBRUARY 2014 ISSUE 182 Daily news & jobs: Jeisman targets growth in Middle East for Spa Alila

Steve Jeisman, the man behind Spa Alila, believes Alila Hotels & Resorts’ total ownership of its spa brand means the com- pany is well-placed to become a leading trendsetter in the Middle Eastern market. Jeisman, who developed the

spa brand for Alila in 2006 and has been director of spa and development ever since, told Spa Business that Spa Alila’s healthy revenue streams and freedom to evolve to guests’ demands would be key as the company makes its first foray into the Middle East this year. Te Asian boutique hotelier

and Resorts, attracting guests wishing to design or indulge in a consolidated health/well- ness holiday featuring exercise, nutrition, rest and therapy, thus increasing hotel occu- pancy and brand awareness.” He added that in business

terms, there is also an associ- ated branding opportunity via Alila’s online retail store, where the spa brand aims to drive sales of its Alila Living products. Alila will kick off its Middle

A heritage fortress in India’s Jaipur district will be home to the Alila Fort Bishangarh

will open three new properties during 2014 and the company is eager to maximise the poten- tial of its spa offering. “Tere is a huge opportunity for Alila in this market, to grow brand awareness of Alila, be

‘Digital natives’ mark shift in complaint culture

More than a third of US consumers take to the internet to exact revenge following a poor service experience, according to a recent study. Te research by call centre solu-

tions provider NewVoiceMedia finds that 34 per cent of the 2,030 adults surveyed air grievances across their network – utilising social media, internet forums and review channels – aſter receiving poor service. The figure leaps to nearly 60 per cent among 25-to 34-year-olds, the group increasingly referred to as ‘digital natives’ due to the ubiquity of the internet during their lifetime. Continued on back cover


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a trendsetter and create a unique brand posi- tioning which exceeds design and service expectations in this region,” says Jeisman. “Spa Alila provides a sophisticated level of ‘wellness’ brand association with Alila Hotels

Steiner predicts 2014 hotbeds for investors

Te Steiner Spa Consulting Team predicts 2014 will be a good year for spa development, and has outlined the places it tips spa companies will be looking to invest next. Securing the World Expo for 2020 has given

Dubai a boost and made it hot commodity in the Middle East. China’s second tier markets are develop-

ing: Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Kunming, Dalian, Shenyang and Guiyang have a pipeline of hotels and resorts, as brands already estab- lished in Shanghai and Beijing look to venture into other areas. Eastern Europe, especially Poland and

Hungary, are seeing positive growth and hotel chains have set their sights on oil rich Azerbajian, particularly its capital, Baku, which

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Steiner has named oil-rich Azerbaijan as a spa hotbed

has been a hotbed for spa investment over the past year. Uruguay, Peru and Brazil are the most prom-

ising areas in South America and Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines are all see- ing activity. In particular, Vietnam’s coastline is attracting resort and destination brands. Details:

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Eastern expansion with the launch of Oman’s Alila Jabal Akhdar, opening in the first quarter of 2014.

Elsewhere, the Alila Seminyak is to open

in Bali during the third quarter of this year, while a heritage fortress in India’s Jaipur dis- trict is being transformed into the Alila Fort Bishangarh. Details:



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