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By Ehud Yairi, Ph.D. University of Illinois and Tel Aviv University

years of age reporting a study conducted in Australia by Reilly, Onslow, Packman, et al. (2013), was recently pub- lished in the journal Pediatrics and has caused an unusu- al wave of letters, some strongly worded, from puzzled scholars, concerned clinicians, and confused parents, as well as calls from journalists. Whereas scientific issues are typically handled in scholarly outlets, the level of reaction appears to war- rant a response in a venue that reaches a wide rang- ing audience. I thank the Stuttering Foun- dation for offering these pages for comment. Beginning with

First Year of Stuttering An article entitled Natural History of Stuttering to 4

Ehud Yairi, Ph.D.

the positive, the general method

employed - a longitudinal investiga- tion of stuttering in a good-size sam- ple, representing the general population of an area, starting in very early childhood, and employ- ing multiple variables, is an excellent one to pursue. It allows for obtaining a reasonable estimate of the inci- dence of stuttering, documenting the onset close to its occurrence, as well as tracking the further development of the disorder. In this study, parents of approximately 1,600 children agreed to contact the investigators if they suspected that their child began stuttering. As a result, 181 children were identified and confirmed by the inves- tigators as exhibiting stuttering onset. Initial, first-year results were reported. With time, more data on recovery and persistency are expected. Unfortunately, the authors make peculiar statements,

overlook previous research, err in reporting findings from other studies, and reach conclusions that are be- yond the scope of and/or not supported by their data. Reilly et al. state that “There is limited information Continued on page 10

Pediatricians on Board for Early Intervention

Help for Parents of Kids Who Stutter Sent to 53,727 Physicians

“This is one of the most helpful pieces that I have

been sent in my 27 years of private practice,” wrote a pediatrician from Washington state. Pediatricians from across the country are praising the

book, The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician, and new video, 7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters, from the Stuttering Foundation. “I just received the pediatrician’s guide for stuttering and had a chance to review it. What wonderful and helpful information you and your group provided,” the pedia- trician added. “When parents are concerned about

their child’s stuttering, I refer them to a speech-language pathologist right away,” said Katie Fine, M.D. “Parents are often so frightened and puz- zled when stuttering ap- pears suddenly, and they need the reassur- ance and guidance that a therapist can give. In my experience, early intervention can truly

help prevent the problem from progressing.” Another physician from Maryland wrote: “I’m so

video and accompanying book, The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician, to 53,727 pediatricians. The book and DVD were also dis-

tributed at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) conference in Orlando, Fla., where physicians from around the world visited the exhibit booth.

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“My daughter started stuttering 8 months ago. I was in shock and really in a panic. I wrote you about her and asked about things that I can do, and you sent me lots of concrete suggestions. The materials were very helpful and made a real difference. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me. We had wonderful summer holiday, and with your help, her stuttering was gone at the end of the holiday.” ~ A mother from Turkey

pleased to be able to offer better support and guid- ance to concerned parents. I’m impressed with the scope of your outreach program and applaud the Foundation for doing such excellent work!” The Stuttering Foundation sent a copy of the new

 Since 1947 ... Helping Those Who Stutter

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