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Stock Show & Rodeo is featuring an exciting lineup of Horse Show events February 6-23.

presented by Wells Fargo, will be open daily providing opportunities to learn about horses and the sport of rodeo. The all-new Rodeo Experience feature will provide an up-close exploration of rodeo events including interactive and hands- on exhibits. Throughout Horse Discovery, horses will be on display for viewing while exhibits and demonstrations invite learning about horses’ uses and their roles in our world. Experts will present fun and informative clinics on horse training methods, riding types, horse care and ways to enjoy time spent with horses. The NCHA Cutting

Show kicks off the show schedule February 6-9 as some of the world’s best cutters vie for their share of $67,000 in added money.

World Series of Cutting is an exciting and fast-paced finals round at 3:30pm February 9th

Rodeo February 10-11 promises to be exciting for the riders and general public. This two day, all- youth equine competition will feature select speed and roping events including Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Tie-

A low fog clings to the ground in the predawn chill, you hear a horse paw the ground in anticipation. The sun is not up yet but in the glow of morning you see a group of riders saddling horses and hear the familiar jingle of bits. Bows are being strung and arrows are fitted into quivers. With equipment and tack checked, a man in a red uniform signals the riders to mount as a killdeer twitters across the field announcing the

bows in hand, the riders form a line on dancing horses. The signal is given, the first rider flies into a gallop, knocks an arrow, draws back and shoots at the first target. Sounds like something from a movie? NO! It’s a sight that will happen in New Braunfels, Texas at the 3rd Annual MA3 Bi-Continental Championship

on February dawn. Mounted with

The finals are open to the public on grounds with no additional ticket required. The debut of the Youth

. The Mercuria Horse Discovery, The San Antonio

Down Roping, Ribbon Roping, Breakaway Roping and Team Roping. Boys and girls will compete for prizes including scholarships, buckles and trophy jackets as well as their share of the jackpot. This event is a “first of its kind” and will provide a forum for talented young Rodeo athletes to showcase their skills and abilities.

Paint Horse, and Open Horse Shows will run February 12-15. With the new class schedule, exhibitors for all three shows will compete in Amateur and open classes February 12, followed by youth classes in: Halter and Showmanship February 13; English and Trail February 14; and Western classes February 15. Spectators will enjoy seeing several types of horses compete each day.

Select Sale February 15 and San Antonio Ranch Gelding Stakes and Sale February 16 are elite Quarter Horse and Paint Horse auctions. With over 300 registered Quarter Horses and Paint Horses, these two sales offer the top bloodlines in the nation, performance horses for any aspect of riding and one of the largest selections of color available anywhere. During the Ranch Gelding Stakes and Sale a select number of high-quality geldings will be judged and scored on their ability to perform several skills and maneuvers related to actual ranch work. This competition

21-23, 2014.

This is a 3 day Horseback Archery event competitors

The San Antonio The Quarter Horse,

will be carried out before an audience of prospective buyers making their selections for the auction, which immediately follows the competition. The Horse Skillathon

Volume Eighteen - Issue Six February 2014

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2014 Horse Show Event Lineup

February 15 is an innovative contest designed for students to showcase their knowledge of horses and the horse industry in a competitive event. Through a written exam, hands-on stations, and a speech round, contestants will demonstrate their knowledge and horsemanship. The Barrel Race

February 17-18 brings some of the nation’s fastest equine athletes and their human partners to the arena for barrel racing and pole bending. Competing for $17,000 in added money, youth and adults will race against the clock for big payouts. The Team Penning

Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. d.b.a. San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has committed $11.3 million to education. The amount represents scholarships, grants, endowments, junior livestock and western art

a point from the past

skills against mounted archers from around the U.S. and other countries.

intertwined horse and man for eons. First developed during the Iron Age about the 9th century BC, mounted archers have spanned the globe in almost every early civilization. As each race and culture are different, so are the styles of horseback archery from Native American, Polish, Turkish, Egyptian, Hungarian, Korean, Japanese, and Mongolian just to name a few.

horseback eventually by

firearms. But Mongolia started to revive mounted archery in


During the 16th archers

rendered development

obsolete of

century were

Mounted archery has will test there where 1921. Other

desired to revive this tradition hoping one day it will be an accepted Olympic equestrian event.

uniform is our very own Trey Schlichting master teaches

of this

at “A Company”, 775 Three Mile Creek in New Braunfels, TX. Trey is also a competitor and has just come back from a 3 day competition in Korea. One of Trey’s students, Mike Sabo also competed in Korea where

the Qabak. While in Korea Trey and Mike received their judges

Archers certification. Trey is also the vice president of MA3 (Mounted Archers Association of the Americas) and this summer has been invited to teach horse bow camp in Australia.

International Horse Drover

So come out and see this awesome sport where 26 competitors will show off their

courses all done off a galloping horse. Shopping, food, and fun for the whole family. Take part in the silent auction to benefit “Wounded Warriors”. The place of the competition is conveniently located at 775 Three

Braunfels off IH-35, behind Bucee’s on February 21-23, 2014 - Starting at 9am on Friday and 8am on Saturday and Sunday.

Shelly Ryan running the Apache course riding Pelloni, an18 yr. old rescued Appaloosa mare, at the 1st

Texas Open.

for more information or call Kim Taylor at 830-305-6212.

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Visit us at: See Mile Creek in New skill, shooting multiple

“Smoki” is a really nice, well broke, 15 hand, 6 year old gelding. This is a really nice, polite, laid-back horse that can be ridden and enjoyed by all classes of riders, from Beginners to Experienced. He has a good one-hand neck rein, stop, and back-up, and does not spook in crowds, in the pens, in the pasture, or on the trails. He gives you 100% of his attention and respect. This is a horse with no bad habits, and always gives you control, and has a lot of potential to be whatever you want him to be. I think he would be an excellent asset to most families, guest ranches, or working ranches, or even a performance horse.

he placed Silver in horseback archery troop. Trey and countries also

The man in the red instructor

Show February 19-22 will start with two days of fast- paced, exciting team penning followed by two more days of entertaining sorting. Always a crowd favorite, the team penning show continues to grow in size with exhibitors from across the nation. $10,000 in added money ensures tight competition with winning teams often separated by just fractions of a second. This year the San

auctions, Calf Scramble program and show premiums paid to youth in the state of Texas.

amount the organization has committed since inception to $134.6 million. The San Antonio

Livestock Exposition, Inc. has This brings the total

a rich tradition and history of stewardship to the community, agriculture industry and youth of Texas. With a clear vision of the future, a successful past and continual dedication from over 5,500 volunteers, S.A.L.E. will continue to provide wholesome

family entertainment and be a pillar of strength and support to the youth of Texas. For addi t i ona l

information, go to www. or contact S.A.L.E. at or 210.225.1309.

Home of the original 30-day guarantee.

“Doogan” is a 14.3 hand, 9 year old gentle, all- around ranch gelding. He is very gentle, and laid back, and can definitely be ridden and enjoyed by everyone, from children (with basic knowledge) to the most experienced of riders. He is respectful and polite, and gives you 100% of his attention. He has no bad habits, and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He does not get fresh or frisky after being turned out, and has not been spooky or shy in crowds, in the pens, in the pasture, or on the trails. This is a horse that is good for work and play, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. He will definitely be an asset to whomever owns him.


“Drover” is an 11 year old, 14.3 hand gentle sorrel ranch gelding. This is a laid- back well broke, gentle horse that has been there and done that. As you can tell by his pictures, he just came from the ranch in his work clothes. He is definitely safe and gentle enough for the Beginner and Novice riders (includ- ing children) and well broke and trained enough to be enjoyed and appreciated by the Intermediate and Experienced riders. He does not get fresh or frisky after being turned out, and does not spook or shy in crowds, in the pens, on the trails or in the pasture. He does not have any bad habits, and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He has a good one-hand neck rein, stop, and back-up. This horse can be used for work or pleasure, and can be ridden and enjoyed by the whole family He will be an asset where ever he is.


For more horses, pictures, pricing and inquiries, visit our website at or email:

Specializing in Safe, Gentle Horses for the Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Experienced Rider.

Blane & Trey Wood - 150 Horses in Training. Top Quarter Horse Trainers in the Industry.

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Celebrating 18 Years!

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