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No charges for exchanges! Dont worry if you dont like it, you can always send it back! VIKING Tandems 2014 AWOL Deluxe

Dahon Jifo microfold, was £600

A very well thought out and spec’d little bike.

The smallest

At last, a custom butted cromoly framed touring bike from specialized. 9 Speed triple transmission. Avid BB7 disc brakes and Tubas front and rear rack. We advise pre-order for April.

RRP: £1000 CTC exclusive:

Busch+Muller Lumotec Halogen With switch


We’re overstocked, grab a bargain!

6V for Schmidt dynohub or similar.

Supplied with 50cm of cable. Spade connectors are pre attached and heat shrink-wrapped. 2.4W or 3.0W options. All types of bracket available. note: no original packaging or instructions.

Polaris Maptrap £875.00

Viking Monarch, was £725 NOW £580 Viking Ascot, was £625 NOW £500

Cateye Volt 1200

Nearly unbeatable when it comes to pound per lumen!

Class winning performance at an amazing price. Cateyes photometrics mean that every bit of light output is optomised where needed.

5 Light modes. RRP: £149.99 Klickfix MiniMap

Raleigh Clubman, was £950.00 NOW £570 Raleigh Gransport, was £700 NOW £420


Chain Cover Premium quality nylon. Velcro closure covers gears and chain. Protects other items while transporting bike. No need to remove pedals.

USB rechargeable (Charger available) exclusive: 2-14.5 hr runtimes. 8-14 hr charge.

£130 £14.99 CTC RRP: £29.99 Minoura SGS-400 Beautifully simple.

Formed acrylic section snugly grips your map and keeps it secure on the bar.

Supplied with brackets and screws. Approx 90mm x 150mm

Plexiglass map holder that utilises the neat Klickfix Mini adapter. Easily slides on and off the mount. Rotates 90 degrees. Approx 90mm x 15mm

SHIMANO A-520 Pedals Lightweight, aerodynamic and maximum ground

The closest you will get to a ‘Keo’ style road pedal SHIMANO but with an SPD cleat system.

£17.50 £21.50 RRP: £21.99 RRP: £24.99 M-324 Pedals

clearance. perfect single sided SPD pedal for road and touring. RRP: £49.99

A-530 Pedals SHIMANO

A modern looking and lighter version of the M-324 pedals. All alloy body with

Shimano’s higher quality SPD mechanism for

SPD one side, traditional flat touring pedal the other. included. A popular pedal for those looking to use a variety of RRP: £59.99

£39.99 Road

shoes. Make life easy when learning to use SPD’s. Includes silver SH-56 multi release cleats. RRP: £54.99

MKS Sylvan Pedals Touring

MKS Prime Sylvan Pedals Touring


smooth entry and release. A set of SH-51 cleats is

£43.99 £47.99 MKS


Toe Clips (pair)

Firm favourites at this price, CR-MO axle, quality bearings and an all alloy cage. Available in both the traditional road shape or touring. RRP: £26.99

With a polished body, end cap and axle, the prime sylvan pedals are smoother and more sophisticated than the standard sylvan pedals. For those that appreciate performance and great looks.

PANARACERTour Guard PlusPANARACER Designed to rival all other touring and commute tyres Pasela Tourguard


New product from the well trusted brand Panaracer. out there. The super thick tread and coloured inner layer

of the TourGuard Plus combines the best in puncture protection and great riding performance. 26 x 1.5, 26 x 1.75 700 x 28, 32 & 35

RRP: £29.99

£23.99 each Special offer

Durano Plus Wired SCHWALBE

With the same puntcture resistant system as the Marathon Plus, but in a light, smooth tread, this tyre is excellent for fast paced touring and commuting. Won Training tyre of the year award!

Sizes available: 700 x 23/25

2 for £42!

700 x 23/25/28/32/37 26 x 1.25/1.5/1.75 27 x 1-1/4 RRP: £24.99

With allen key axle tightening and Ti colour cage. RRP: £32.99


Rigid Puncture resistant yet lightweight tyre. Offers excellent grip in all conditions. Attractive amber sidewall. Sizes available:

£13.99 £15.99 £9.99 BONTRAGER

RRP: £17.99 RRP: £19.99

Race Lite Hardcase Exceptionally fast and grippy

tire with an outstanding ‘Hard Case’ puncture protection system.

Sizes available: 700 x 23/25/28/32

RRP: £19.99

Special offer 700x35: £17.50 £14.99 CONTINENTAL

Ultimate wire bead training and racing tyre. Uses latest technology against flats. Aramid breaker and duraskin sidewall. Protective hield over the entire casing prevents cuts, slices and abrasions. Natural rubber tread works well in wet/wintery conditions Sizes:

700 x 23/25/28 27 x 1-1/4 RRP: 26.99.

£24.99 RRP: £29.99 2 for £45! FREE PARKING!

Ultra Gatorskin

Individual coded key. Key uses 14mm spanner or any allen key/bar

through the side drilling. RRP: £39.99

SCHWALBE STILL THE BEST SELLING PUNCTURE RESISTANT TYRE OUT THERE! An absolute favourite for those who want a fit and forget tyre that maintains a quality ride feel. Rolls well, grips well and lasts well. Reflective sidewall. Sizes:

16x1-3/8, 26x1.5, 26x1.75 700x25, 28, 32, 35. 27x1-1/4

RRP: £24.99 £19.99!

Marathon Kevlar SCHWALBE Marathon Plus

Fed up with punctures? This is the tyre for you!

Heavier than the kevlar but much tougher!

Ultimate puncture resistance.

Reflective Sidewall. (Sizes as marathon except no 27x1-1/4) RRP:

£34.99 £24.99! Some would say there is no better lever. One side slots on to the rim,

the other hooks under tyre bead, then simply grip and lift bead over the rim. Small enough to go in a jersey pocket.

RRP: £9.99

Despite efforts with consistancy, specification may vary from images and specification shown. Prices and specification are correct at time of print and are subject to change.

£7.50! £34.99 RRP: £11.95

£9.56 VAR

Tyre Lever RRP: £11.99 Pitlock

Bar extension If you need extra space for lights, computers other bar mounted equipment, the new space grips are stronger & sleeker than ever. available in two bar clamp sizes: 22-29mm 28-35mm

Build a bike to your specification, We have a demo bike, come and play!

Sci-Con Bike Defender Protect your bike from stone chips, dirt and bugs. Lightweight fabric simply stretches over the bars.


folding Dahon. CLEARANCE

Sci-Con Wheel & Chain cover Protects the vital components of your bike from

scrapes and scratches. Protects your car interior from oily bike parts. Nothing worse than a black chain smear on the cream seats, or your shirt for that matter!

RRP: £44.99 £24.99 RRP: £34.99

£19.99 TORTEC

Epic Stainless Steel rack

The ultimate touring pannier rack. Ultralight stainless steel tubing. Multi- adjustable

fittings. side bar ideal when using panniers and a trunkbag combined.

Amazing 40kg load limit!

RRP: £17.99 £15.74 SHIMANO

The Best selling SPD pedal out there.

Trusted Engineering and a smooth easy to use mechanism. We sell hundrds of

these pedals to experts and 1st time SPDs alike. Definately a favourite of ours here at Bike Plus! Cleats included.

Black, White or Silver. RRP: £34.99


Leather Half-Clips (pair)

Stainless Toe Clips (pair)

£24.99 WELLGO

LU-950 pedals

When looking for a basic functional pedal with a traditional design, you need not spend a fortune or sacrafice build quality. The LU-950 is a clear choice. Chuck out those plastic pedals that came with your bicycle!

10 year warranty! RRP: £59.99 SQUIRE Cafe Lock!

Retractable Combination cable. Does what it says on

the tin!

Pocketsize cable lock to secure your bike while you stop for a coffee!

Combination system.

RRP: £11.99

£49.99 £8.99! WELLGO

M520 Pedals

Compatible with shimano and other SPD style cleats.

Only 360g a pair too! RRP: £21.99


TOKEN TK456 Track pedal with toe clip & strap

Nice quality pair of pedals with steel toe clips and leather straps all pre- assembled.

Silver body and black Track Style cage. RRP: £39.99

£12.99£34.99 RRP: £14.99

There are many locking skewers out there now but BBB Click and Go SPD Cleats Security Skewer set

we think these are the best way of securing your wheels by far. Made from unbelievably tough materials & boasting the simplest but most effective design, also light and easy to use.

Need a second set of cleats? Or maybe just a fresh set, well these are the ones to go for. Compatible with Shimano, Wellgo, Powerplay and other SPD based pedals. High quality metal and all parts needed to fit are included. 4 degree float each way.

823 spd pedals

Despite the very reasonable price, these pedals have stood the test of time very well. Great pedal for any use with good all round performance and durabilty. Supplied with wellgo SPD cleats.

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