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Single rate for warrant officers


Silver gift for prince

TO MARK the baptism of Prince George, the Royal Navy has presented a unique silver cup to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The antique silver trophy

bears the name of the Royal Navy’s Majestic-class battleship HMS Prince George and is engraved with the date 1898, three years into the ship’s Victorian-age commission, marking the date officers from the Wardroom presented it to the ship.

The trophy had been carefully stored by the Trustees of the RN Trophy Fund at the Naval stores in Portsmouth since 1921, when the ship decommissioned. Prince William sent a personal letter of thanks to First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas remarking on the ‘extraordinarily special gift’ and extending the Royal couple’s warmest thanks and best wishes to the men, women and families of the Royal Navy following their ‘profound’ and ‘joyful’ royal christening day. The Trustees of the Royal

Navy Trophy Fund were delighted to source and refurbish the antique silver cup that bears the name of the ship that was named for the future King George V (the Queen’s grandfather), who entered the Royal Navy at the age of 12. The death of his elder brother in 1892 effectively ended Prince George’s naval career as he was destined to become heir to the throne.

The sterling silver cup stands 36cm high and was crafted and hallmarked in 1898 by William Hutton and Sons Ltd, a long- established Sheffield company with a London showroom. A perfect gift for a future heir to the throne, connecting six generations of the Royal Family, the heirloom also highlights the Royal Navy’s significant links throughout the centuries with the monarchy.

debate in recent years about the WO2 rate within the RN and the associated pay cap for

been much

technical Senior Rates. As part of work within the RN people strategy and also as a strand within Project Faraday, an extensive study was conducted with widespread

including Fighting Arms as well as wider focus groups,

managers and branch managers and most importantly, feedback from individuals. Consensus was achieved and after careful consideration the Second Sea Lord directed the start of a transition away from the WO2 rate, with the exception of the Royal Marines, commencing in April 2014.

the teams.

a joyous reception of the news, there was at least recognition that it was necessary and timely. The main presentation team

consultation, career

l The WO presentation at HMS Collingwood career

This will be a transition over a number of years, with bespoke measures in place to recognise that each cadre (EGS/ SM / AE, CTs and Med Techs) and rate directly affected (CPO/ WO2/ WO1) will see slightly different benefits in this change.

The Second Sea Lord has sent all individuals affected a personalised letter to explain the decision. He said: “I am absolutely determined to ensure that the correct reward and recognition continues to be provided to all who serve. “This change is just part of my

programme to ensure that all our personnel have the best possible

rewarded and recognised.” The WO2 rate will be around for a number of years to come, and although we will stop creating new WO2s from April this year, with the exception of Royal Marines (and technical submariners

transitional period), no existing WO2 will be required to give up their warrant and they will remain WO2s until they are either promoted or leave. No one

disadvantaged. Technical CPOs will see their previously-imposed pay

2014; the hurdle of WO2 will be removed for promotion to WO1 and, following ongoing job evaluation, there will be an overall increase in jobs at WO1. Where a job does not move up

It’s OFFICIAL - New rules

THE MOD has signed up to implementing a new Government Security Classifications (GSC) policy by April 2 2014, in line with all government departments. The new policy is being introduced to support better information security behaviours and align processes now that staff are all working more with computers across government. It recognises that all information has inherent value to the department

and needs looked after properly.

The new system has three rather than six tiers.

Under the new system all

information and physical assets will continue to be afforded the necessary levels of protection. The

new policy places to be

greater emphasis on individual responsibility for managing information securely and recognises that all information has value, however it is classified. The current six levels of classification


Official, Secret and Top Secret. This change is part of a wider

government programme of security modernisation that will strike an appropriate balance between security and business needs; it places greater emphasis on individual responsibility. The Defence Intranet has the

latest guidance and Powerpoint presentation relating to GSC.


Unclassifed, Protect, Restricted, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret. These will be reduced to three:

cap lifted as of April 1 will be financially for a short opportunities, properly Picture: Keith Woodland

to WO1, a combination of rank- ranging posts and careful career management will

protect promotion prospects. The Second Sea Lord is clear about maintaining the current status of WO1s so the level of merit

change. To reinforce the letters sent to all CPOs, WO2s and WO1s, a Galaxy and DIN have been published. A number of presentations were given at major establishments. Teams also covered the smaller branches affected,

presentations some 1,300 people attended and were given the opportunity to ask questions of

three days of for promotion will not be used to

was led by Cdr Steve Smith of RNPS, who was tasked with assessing the feasibility of the proposed measure and then delivering the project. At the end of three days of

While there may not have been

travelling and briefing he said: “Having conducted a series of road shows I was very encouraged that the vast majority of personnel recognised and understood that the measure would have benefit for the organisation as well as the individual.

“The CPOs saw the removal of the pay cap as immediately beneficial and could see prospects for promotion were increasing in due course. “The WOs recognised that the measures would provide stability for the engineering branch as well as increased opportunities for themselves and their successors.” Any individual wishing to find

Communication Technicians and Medical Technicians in each of their locations. Over

visiting the

out further information can do so either direct to their career manager, through the divisional chain or by sending a query to: NAVY PERS-BM WO TRANS (DII) or Navypers-bmwotrans@

information is available through the Helm portal, Galaxy 38- 2013, DIN01-245: Transition to a Single WO rate in the RN.

Cutting abuse fears

INTERNATIONAL Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women saw the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) RN Police at RNAS Yeovilton working in partnership with the local community. Together with Somerset County Council,

Personnel and Family Services, Naval Chaplains,

Naval HIVE

(Information Service for Military Community),

and Avon &

Somerset Police, CHF’s Royal Naval Police helped to raise awareness by getting out and about in the local community to offer advice about the help and support available to victims, witnesses and others who may have come into contact with domestic abuse. Support is also available to those who recognise and want to change their behaviour. Regulating Petty Officer

Oonagh Maguire of the RN Police said: “The Service community occupy a large number of homes in and around the Yeovil area and we are all a reflection of civilian society and therefore must accept and understand how Service personnel and their families could become victims of domestic abuse. “Domestic

abuse is much

more common than most people realise – it affects all, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. Even if you are not experiencing domestic abuse yourself, you may know someone who is.” The aim of this partnership is to reduce domestic abuse and the fear of domestic abuse through prevention,


and education, focusing efforts in giving people the options available, including a range of organisations that can help you in the Somerset and wider area.

The supporting

Where to look

GALAXYS 38-2013 – Warrant Officer (WO) Transition – Transition to a Single Warrant Office Rank in the Royal Navy

37-2013 – Entitlement to the Early Deprture Payment or Resettlement Grant on Aggregation of Service 36-2013 – Re-invigorating Defence Security Culture Reinvigorating Defence Security Culture Survey 35-2013 – Revised Terms of Service on the Introduction of Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015 – Naval Service offer to extend Career/ Commission DIBS

DIB 61/13 – Lord Levene’s second annual review of Defence Reform

DIB 60/13 – PUS writes to staff about the MOD Your Say 2013 results

DIB 59/13 – Standard Learning Credits scheme – extension of eligibility to Reserve personnel DIB 58/13 – Revised Terms of Service on the introduction of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015 RNTMs

RNTM 250/13 – Changes to ShipHaz Policy and Procedures

RNTM 251/13 – Basic Alcohol Education Courses (BAEC) 2014 Dates

RNTM 252/13 – Pension Liberation

RNTM 253/13 – Publication of Revised Safety, Health & Environment Manual for Ships and Submarines (BRd 167) DINS

2013DIN01-248 – Fuel Subsidy Scheme Charges for UK SFA – Entitlement and Reconciliation 2013DIN01-245 – Transition to single Warrant Officer (WO) rate within the Royal Navy (RN) 2013DIN01-242 – Scottish Independence Referendum – Guidance for Service personnel wishing to vote 2013DIN01-241 – Royal Navy Fitness Test (RNFT)

2013DIN01-236 – The Firmin Sword of Peace Awards 2013

Premium pupils SERVICE

personnel with

children in state schools in England have until January 16 to notify schools of their children’s eligibility for the Service Pupil Premium.

The premium is part of the

Armed Forces Covenant and provides extra funding to help schools support the unique challenges children with parents in the Armed Forces can often face.

The premium is currently £300 per Service child. Parents serving in the Armed Forces should ensure their child’s school is aware of their Service status. For details:DIN 2013DIN01-233

Homeport The Naval Families Federation’s Magazine for Royal Naval & Royal Marines Families

HMS ILLUSTRIOUS Marks the NFF’s 10th Anniversary in Style!

Keep in touch with breaking news and items of interest to Service families:

NFF e-updates

Share your views on the NEM proposals Winter 2013

FIRST things first, the NFF would like to wish all readers a very happy new year. 2013 was a big year for the Naval Service and the NFF, and we know that 2014 will be busy, busy, busy, writes Emma Prince, Marketing and Communications Manager. We introduced two

Covenant co-ordinators,

significant year for Royal Naval and Royal Marines families. Following two rounds of consultation with personnel and families, the report on the New Employment Model (NEM) is due in the spring. The NEM

coming year

our tenth anniversary, and received a prestigious commendation from the Chief of Naval Personnel and Training and Second Sea Lord. The

will be another

Armed Forces celebrated

programme is the most thorough review of Terms and Conditions of Service in a generation. Information on the NEM is available on our website: The NFF is involved in the NEM process and is working to ensure that the impact on the whole family is considered. If you have any feedback, e-mail: admin@

The NFF diary is filling up fast as we continue to represent families at top-level meetings. NFF Chair is attending the Navy Board this month, briefing senior personnel, including the First and Second Sea Lords, on the issues families are talking to us about. The Families Forum at the end of January is an opportunity to discuss the

issues with the Parliamentary Under Secretary

Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans. We really do take your concerns to the

of State and Minister for

top; so let us know your views. Visit:www. from January 3 to complete our short web poll, which is collating feedback ahead of the meeting with the Minister. The NFF’s Armed Forces Covenant Co-ordinators have launched their 2014 visit programme and in the coming weeks will be having meetings with representatives from Derby City Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Broxtowe Borough Council and the Royal British Legion.

The team will also be attending a Covenant Workshop in Kent, a Service

Children in State Schools Conference in Harrogate, and meeting with Royal Navy personnel studying in Birmingham. Highlights in our latest magazine include an update on the Armed Forces Covenant and a review of the way the Navy delivers welfare and support. Read Homeport online:

uk or e-mail to join the mailing list and we will post you a free copy. You can contact the NFF by calling 023 9265 4374; email us at You can visit our website: uk. Subscribe to our monthly e-update at: You can also find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or join us on LinkedIn.

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