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PARK LIFE Food Diary

She’s a wife, mother, Neston Park Farm Shop founder and an advocate of sustainable British farming – so what does a typical week’s eating look like for foodie superwoman LADY VENETIA FULLER?

Lady Venetia likes to be hands-on with her dinner

AS A KEEN cook, and passionate supporter of organic food, Lady Venetia Fuller was always likely to enjoy an enviable diet. Venetia’s home is on the beautiful Neston Park Estate near Corsham, which she shares with her husband James and sons Archie and Harry. Since opening a shop there in 2006, Neston Park has expanded to encompass an award-winning butchery, deli and coffee shop, and there are plans to develop an online store later this year too. James’ parents were pioneers of organic farming, and Neston farm has been involved with environmental schemes for the last 20 years, always maintaining a natural, sustainable system of farming. Venetia loves to know where the food she feeds her family comes from, and is passionate about educating the next generation on the importance of British farming. Here’s what she ate one recent week… ✱

MONDAY Breakfast Always a rush, as I’m on the school run by 7am. Piece of Bertinet’s sliced sourdough bread with a glass of orange juice and a mug of boiling water. Lunch Every weekday all the staff have lunch together. Today was pea and ham soup with homemade chicken liver pâté, salad and a Bertinet baguette. Supper James is part of a team cycling 3,000 miles across America for Asthma UK, so I need to keep his strength up – baked potato and organic Neston beef in an Irish stew with carrots and broccoli.

TUESDAY Breakfast Granola with apple juice and boiling water. (I love boiling water!) Lunch On the First Great Western train back from London. Their Pullman menu was delicious. Started with Devon scallops grilled in the shell with garlic and white

wine, followed by roast West Country chicken with tarragon and bread sauce. Supper Working till very late, so had James’ leftovers of meatballs and mash.

WEDNESDAY Breakfast Meeting in the farm shop – delicious eggy bread with our own cured bacon and Stokes ketchup (the best!), a soya cappuccino and a mouthful of leftover kedgeree – why do other people’s leftovers taste so good?! Lunch Caesar salad with prawns and a bagel. Supper Neston’s award- winning chicken and leek pie.

THURSDAY Breakfast Porridge made with our organic Jersey milk from Ivy House in Frome. I can see the girls grazing the lush grass in the park from my breakfast table! Lunch Farm shop chicken and bacon salad with a soya cappuccino.


Supper Out for supper in Bath, at Bistro La Barrique, where there’s amazing food and a great wine selection – but I’m sticking to a dry January! I had three petits plats of red onion, goat’s cheese and sweet potato tatin; baked garlic snails with parsley crumb and a fillet steak; and haggis with red wine and bay leaf sauce.

FRIDAY Breakfast Late for a meeting, so a quick slice of sourdough with a banana mashed on top (sounds horrible, I know, but it’s delicious – and gives a quick boost of energy). Lunch Baronet cheese with an apple. Juliana Sedli makes this delicious cheese with our organic Jersey milk – and it’s to die for. Supper Rack of lamb (my children’s favourite) with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans. Crumble for pud, with Marshfield vanilla ice cream.

SATURDAY Brunch Full cooked breakfast – the whole family needs a good start to a busy Saturday. Home- cured bacon, homemade sausages and local organic eggs on Bertinet bread, of course! Supper Dinner party at a friend’s house. Mike Smokehouse smoked salmon to start, followed by Neston fillet steak with a delicious light cous cous salad, followed by lemon tart and cheese – still no wine, so I’m the designated driver!

SUNDAY Breakfast Fruit salad with apple juice. Lunch Always a roast: this week it’s Neston beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots and peas with a creamed horseradish sauce and gravy. Farm shop bread and butter pudding and Ivy House Farm cream too. Supper Just a toasted ham sandwich!

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