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RETIRING agent David Howard is leaving with a smile on his face after being voted the best in the south east in this year’s Cyrils. His was just one of the stories among the winners of the awards organised by Cardgains buying group to give the sales people in the industry the recognition they deserve. Named after the Cardgains mascot, this was

the third year of the Cyrils where the buying group’s members vote for the best rep and best agent in each of their four sales areas. David, who represents Is It Art, said: “I’m thrilled and humbled to receive this award for the second time in my career, especially so as I’m retiring at the end of the year, after over 30 very enjoyable years in the industry, both as retailer and agent.

“I’d like to thank Cardgains for organising

the awards, and to my customers, whether you voted for me or not, but who have given me such pleasure in looking after their accounts. “It will be sad not having cups of tea with

some great retailers but I’m sure I’ll fi nd new challenges as I head for the hills of Shropshire to begin a well-earned rest. I hope to bump in to some of you without my agent’s hat on in the future.”

Dudley Osborn, of Noel Tatt, collected thje south east’s best rep award from Cardgains’

south-east sales executive Georgina De Terry and said: “I love my job! I work for a great company and have fantastic customers. I’m honoured to receive this award.” it was a double triumph for the second year running in the North as UK Greetings’ Pat Teasdale picked up the Best Rep title with Steve Rodrigues collecting Best Agent for representing Noel Tatt and Jean Barrington. But they were outgunned in the South

West where both winners made it a hat-trick of victories. UKG’s Allen Roberts again stamped his name on the trophy with the most votes as the Best Rep. Rose Trow added: ““I thank all my customers

very, very much – and apologise for all the times I arrive late for my appointments!” as she collected the Best Agent award for the third year running for her work with Paper Rose, Glick, Quitting Hollywood and Soul.

Up in Scotland, the Best Rep was a thrilled

Caroline Crawford of UKG, who said: “I can’t believe it! A massive thanks to everyone who voted for me – PS the cheques are in the post!” Alan Mckay, who represents Second Nature,

Words ’N’ Wishes, Portico and Jean Barrington, collected the Best Agent award. T: 0845 166 2054

● Double delight – Cardgains’ Caroline Pearson with Pat Teasdale, right, and Jim Girvan with Steve Rodrigues, left.

● Hat-trick of wins – Cardgains’ Helen Gillam with Allen Roberts, left, and Rose Trow, right.

● Scottish winners – Cardgains’ general sales manager Jim Girvan with Caroline Crawford, right, and Alan McKay, left.

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