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REGIONALFOCUS Just capital! ust capital!

London Calling is a phrase that spans the years as the BBC World Service’s station ID during WW2 then the title of The Clash’s iconic album, and it sums up the lure of the capital as we complete the first Greetings Today circumnavigation of the UK.

VERYWHERE you go in London, there’s always an iconic building or view unique to the city that’s grown up beside the river Thames over more than 2,000 years. At the heart of the nation, London is famous across the world for its culture, diversity, history, business hub – and pigeons!


As photographer and publisher Marc Arundale said: “Only London has Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Royal Parks – St James’s and Green Park – look at St Paul’s which survived WW2. Take a walk along the Thames from the South Bank to the docks past the fabulous Tate Modern. “Don’t miss Nelson and the British Museum in

Trafalgar Square. Try China Town for the amazing choice of Chinese food! “Where else has the classic Routemaster red bus and the Underground? And you can fi nish off your tour with a pint of traditional British ale in a good olde traditional pub!” Ananya founder Vaishali Shah commented: “London is one of the world’s top multi-cultural cities with a very diverse population, which makes it the perfect location for our extensive ranges of cultural cards.” Canadian-born Daphne Diamant is the living embodiment of the city’s cosmopolitan heritage as she decided to make her home in the place which is an

On the cutting edge

BASED in Brixton, South London, the background of Cath Tate Cards is defi nitely a London thing! Cath grew up in the capital in the stylish 50s and swinging 60s and has been adding her unique sense of humour to cards and gifts for over 30 years. Now joined by her daughter Rosie, a born and bred south Londoner, the family team love the capital they’ve always called home. Cath and Rosie come up with the ideas for their cards and gifts, thinking up captions that try to see the funny side of everyday life. Despite the fact you can’t park, it’s dirty and sometimes rude, there’s no other city Cath and Rosie would rather live in. You’ve got to love the choices London offers, its vibrancy and being a place that sits on the cutting edge of everything!

integral part of the story behind her fi rm Purpose & Worth Etc.

“Living in London has been a hugely signifi cant factor

in the fi rm’s growth and success,” Daphne said. “The variety of art and inspiration that you are exposed to, from street vernacular to high-art exhibitions, is beyond compare, I think, to anywhere in the world. “It’s a fantastically stimulating environment for developing and exchanging new ideas and ways of working.” “And from the practical point of running a business,

the range of suppliers and expertise in the greater London area means I’m able to coordinate paper, printing, production and distribution effi ciently and cost-effectively. “Finally, the retail and selling opportunities in London for design-led products is staggering. Right on my doorstep are some of the most prestigious shops, department stores and museums in the world, as well as hundreds of independent shops, galleries and markets. “Opportunities can present themselves anywhere, anytime – a London printer I work with suggested I send some samples to the Design Museum shop and a week after posting them, I received my fi rst of many order. “A lovely independent boutique, Honeybunch, around

the corner from where I live in West London has been stocking my cards since I dropped in out of curiosity, a couple of years ago.”

Having travelled the world, born-and-bred Londoner Rose Hill has settled back home: “I still believe London is the best place to be as it’s fi lled to the brim with talent, independent shops, designers and artists whose infl uence actually set the trends in design. “You can especially see this in the greeting cards industry – the UK card sector is acknowledged to be 10 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of design. London is the centre for emerging designers.”

Playful curiosity

SMALL Eye’s products are all designed and made in London, whether using traditional printmaking techniques or dipping into the delights of digital print, their designs all express a playful curiosity about the world we live in.

All designs are by Kate Smalley Ellis, who found the name Small Eye nestled in the middle of her own so used it to christen her business.

She trained in fi ne art and, while painting very small soldiers and selling many books for a living, she developed Small Eye, which emerged into the public realm in 2011.

Kate’s cards and prints are now stocked across London and beyond, including at The National Theatre Bookshop, Koenig at The Whitechapel Gallery and East London Design Store.

T: 07786 246878 47

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