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FROM Pacman to Call Of Duty, Box Brownies to cameraphones, here at Windles Group we’re wondering what will be next – maybe going for a wee might be the next big thing to charge your mobile phone. Who knows where we’ll be in 10 years’ time!

With an offi ce of people in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, the Windles Group team have a wealth of experience and the chatter about the digital age is mind blowing and truly inspiring. It’s diffi cult to imagine life before digital cameras, laptops and the internet, and there’s no reason the print industry should lag behind as the Windles Group knows staying young at heart and continuously developing, keeping ahead of new technologies, is key to providing greetings card publishers with bang up-to-date printing and fi nishing effects. It’s our job to keep up and it makes us all stay young despite probably a heck of a lot of wrinkles between us!

And with the coming of the digital age Windles Group is staying with the times to be the ultimate greetings card production house, complementing our service to customers – hence the acquisition of a digital press. It’s the method of printing from a digital image directly on

al press.

to a variety of media and allows for today’s much-in-demand small-run jobs, short turnaround times, and modifi cations of the image when variable data is used for each impression. The digital press at Windles Group is sheet fed giving

mand s of the


fl exibility and the ability to print on a wide diversity of materials that are purchased ready prepped for the press or sapphire-coated in-house. We wanted to help when asked for smaller quantities and fi nished


THE latest publishers to join the Greeting Card Association include:

DANDELION STATIONERY Melbourne Print Ltd, 2 Russell Yard, Derby Road, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 8DZ Jo Wilson 01332 864990 or 07718 909014


84a Farleigh Road, Stoke Newington, N16 7TQ Dele Sholeye 020 7275 8837 or 07903 745693


144a College Road, London, NW10 3PG Steve Day 020 8964 9018 or 07733 179651


Flat B, 23 Denman Road, London, SE15 5NS Brooke Woolley 07772 517711

SUPERCAT PUBLISHING 23 Trenholme Road, Penge, London, SE20 8PP Dom Richards 020 87786006 or 07941 34980

PARKPUPS LTD 41 Alderney Road, London, E1 4EG Jane Marlow 020 7790 6383


Studio 33, 29 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh EH7 4JE Anna Wright 0131 5571572 or 07553 749036

ROSIE AND RADISH 23 Manor Road, Medomsley, Co Durham, DH8 6QN Amy Clarke 07736 459567


● Technical experts - Marcin (left) and Mark

All the little Things

PERFECTLY Bananas are a new creative company and publishers of all Things spiffi ng and marvellous. Phil and Dana Burton are the husband and wife team behind the company, and were originally inspired to become part of the greetings industry on discovering Things are all around. “That’s not as crazy as it sounds,” said Dana, “as Things are enchanting, infi nitely varied and colourful creatures that have infi ltrated our world through a portal to another dimension. “They now live all around us, in our homes and work places, usually hidden from sight, but they are there. We were the fi rst to discover these tiny creatures and felt inspired to share their existence with the rest of the world. “We now spend most of our time looking for

Things around the world and being jolly decent about it too.”

Phil is the Perfectly creative member of the duo, having been creating and painting for many years. He has been truly enchanted by Things will be hard at work capturing them in painted form or, more recently, through photographs, for their greetings card collection..

Dana is the Banana – simply because it rhymes with her name and she has been called Dana Banana ffor many years. Fe

p y wi

wth her name and sh b

been called Dana B for many years. Feel free

samples of new designs for presentation to buyers – and we’ll happily challenge publishers to spot the difference between our digital and litho-printed cards! Having heard the frustrations of publishers in the past switching between

printing methods, we understand that when cards start life digitally, you want to be sure that when the need for a bigger litho run comes, the consistency is there. Mark Jones and Marcin Pilecki are the proud techinal experts in the digital suite and are committed to achieving results to delight customers. Having the coater to gloss varnish and the Duplo fi nishing unit to cut and fold cards means they own the complete production of the products . Marcin said: “It’s pretty incredible being able to produce fi nished product with the push of a few buttons!” Mark added: “I’ve worked in print production and greetings cards for decades and I’ve learned the key is to understand what the customer wants. What will make them happy. Knowing this, printing the right colours which you know you can reproduce on the Heidelberg is when you know you’re doing the right thing”. Expansion into the digital market has been a continuation of what Windles Group do best as a customer-led production house - provide our customers with the best so ution

the best solutions incorl hat drive clie givi en the alre

porating high-quality technical innovations

t that dr e client profi tability and increase their sales. What’s more, g ven the already-existing equipment and experience on site, fi nishing poss

nishing possibilities on digitally-printed cards are endless - new fl ittered and

ittered and embossed cards in days.

WitWith Top Drawer Spring just days away, and Spring Fair co

coming up quickly at the NEC, it’s an exciting time b

shall be undelivered.

being able to produce fi nished samples for exhibiting right up until the show doors open. No challenge s

to address her in this manner - although, rest assured, it’s not because she’s yellow and fruity! Having successfully run and managed a number of businesses takes on the job of the business operation as she’s only just learned how to colour within the lines so Phil doesn’t let her near any designs or artwork.

Since launching in May they’ve enjoyed selling

cards so much they’re already working out how to expand into other products along with a new range of cards, I say!, which exclaims sentiments in the most appropriate of ways – a spot of card giving is most defi nitely, and without fail, a smashingly decent thing to do. Dana added: “We’d like to combine jolly good

humour, art and inspirational cards to make our unique mark in the industry. In the meantime, we would love to show you our cards and we’ll even bring the tea – banana- fl avoured of course, hurrah!” If you haven’t tried any banana tea yet, be sure to ask Dana for some – she’ll be happy to send you a tea bag and you can join the great love-it or hate-it debate. T: 07563 961 986

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