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that its occupants can alight under cover, protected from sun and rain

Programmatic architecture - Wacky, unusually shaped buildings and other structures meant to serve as stand-alone visual icons; example: Googie style, Tiki Modern

Surf Shack - Tropical style Polynesian-style open-wall structure composed of palm fronds on simple wood pole frame used to provide shade for surfers and a platform to lean their surfboards.

Tiki Modern style -

boards glued and pressure laminated together

Polynesian Maritime Modern style - Euro-American-influenced building

of maritime buildings found throughout

Islands; also relates to signage and decoration

Porte-cochere - An open porch or portico-like structure at a main or secondary entrance through which an automobile can pass through so

style reminiscent the Polynesian

Mid-century American architectural style noted used originally in Polynesian-style restaurants and clubs in the United States; noted for its geometric

A-frame gables, and use of authentic of faux Native art for architectural, decorative, and landscape features

Tiki totem - Name given to large anthropomorphic carvings made by ancient and modern Central Eastern Polynesian peoples. They served as boundary markers of sacred or other significant sites. Known as “ki’i” in Hawaiian

shapes, soaring

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