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Glossary A-frame roof - Triangular shaped, steeply sloping roof that extends to the ground on two sides; presents both a front and rear gables with deep-set eaves. While an ancient building shape, New York architect Andrew Geller popularized the A-frame house in 1957.

Abstract nautical - Maritime-related architecture stripped of all ornamentation down to its basic form.

Boat-tel - Mid-20th century name used to describe a marina which rented boat slips to vacationing yacht owners

Corbelled - An architectural member projecting from a wall that supports a weight; especially one that is stepped upward and outward from a vertical surface.

Cross-gable roof - A roof consisting of two connected perpendicular gable roofs

Finials - Architectural device employed to decoratively emphasize the apex of a gable, or any of various distinctive ornaments at the top, end, or corner of a building or structure.

Flying bridge - Open areas on top of or on either side of a ship’s bridge or pilothouse serving as an officers’ operating station for use the in good weather or in docking proceedures.

Flying buttress - A structural member used to transmit the thrust of a vault across an intervening space to reducing the load on the main wall

George Jetson/Barney Rubble - Mid-century Hanna-

Barbera cartoon characters used to describe Space Age Modern as apposed to Stone Age primitivism-inspired design elements

Googie style - Late 1940s to mid-1960s futurist Space Age/ Atomic Age programmatic architecture influenced by Southern California car culture; characterized by space-age designs that

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