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– as evidenced in The BC Organic Market research report; Organic Week was incredibly successful, rais- ing lots of buzz and consumer attention; several BC municipalities took large steps forward towards a GE- Free BC; and members of our community were lauded for their dedication and successes here at home and further afield.


Sara and Troy Harker of Harker’s Organics were rec- ognized as BC’s Outstanding Young Farmers. Ro- chelle Eisen received the Canadian Health Food As- sociation’s Organic Achievement Award. Ratana and Arran Stephens of Nature’s Path received the Growing Organic Industry Award from the Organic Trade As- sociation. Congratulations to all – and to the sector at large for a job well done!

As we all know, however, it takes constant effort, com- mitment, and multiple resources to nurture and grow a community, sector, or industry. To help support and grow BC’s organic sector, COABC is creating a num- ber of toolkits for producers.

During Organic Week 2013, the national “Think Be- fore You Eat” organic brand campaign was launched, and BC producers can now access marketing resourc- es designed to help promote their certified organic products at farmers’ markets and with retailers. This campaign continues year round, with customizable materials for your operation.

Further toolkits will be available online in 2014, in- cluding additional marketing resources such as an up- dated “What is Organic” brochure and other farmers’ markets and retail resources; and a web-based guide to help producers navigate the certification process. You’ll also see changes and improvements to the COABC website.

The toolkit project is funded in part by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C. through the Agri-Food Futures Fund, Emerging Sectors Initiative, a provin- cial trust funded from money under the former federal- provincial safety nets framework.

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t has been a year of celebration for the BC Organic Community. We have a healthy growing market


WHY eat Canadian Organic food? • It’s great-tasting and nutritious • It reduces our exposure to pesticides and GMOs

• It’s produced and certified to meet national Organic standards

• It’s healthy for soil, plants and animals & reduces our carbon footprint!

When you are planning a meal, choose organic food.

Local & Organic better together!

For more information, please contact a Resilient Solutions Consulting team member:

Rochelle Eisen: T: 250-499-2413

Gunta Vitins: T: 778-772-5996

Brenda Frick: T: 306-373-7006

Gunta Vitins of Resilient Solutions Consulting has been spearheading innovative agri-food initiatives in the organic public and private sectors over the past 25 years, across Canada. Her work experience spans government, academia, and the private sector and in- cludes business development, agricultural production, processing, distribution, sales and marketing.

BC Organic Grower, Volume 17, Number 1, Winter 2014

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