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organize your thoughts around business planning and how to approach potential ideas. In addition to the personal work of identifying goals and devel- oping business ideas, Chris will also cover the nuts and bolts of running a business. This in- cludes tax planning, insurance requirements, labour manage- ment, developing systems and processes, marketing, legal structures and record keeping. We will review formulas that can help you test the viability of your business idea and de- termine rates of return on your personal investments of time, energy, and money.

Growing Success Panel Presenters: Andrew Arkesteyn- Vogler (Crisp Organics), Carmen Wakeling (Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd.) and Hermann Bruns (Wild Flight Farm)

This panel session will focus on growing your small business to one of a medium scale. Andrew Arkesteyn-Vogler will talk about his experiences over the past three years growing his small farm into a successful mar- ket garden operation. Carmen Wakeling from Eatmore Sprouts will share her story of growing a small sprout farm into a suc- cessful medium-scale venture that ships sprouts throughout the province and beyond. Her- mann Bruns will offer tips for adding value to your farming operation, sharing his experi- ences in growing his farm oper- ation to include on-site packing and storage options.

Value-Added Ventures Presenters: Annamarie and Kevin Klippenstein, Klippers Organic Acres

In this session the Klippensteins will share their experiences of growing their small market gar-

den operation to include val- ue-added dried fruits and pre- serves. Join them to learn about the regulations involved and the challenges they needed to overcome to include process- ing in their farm production.

Professional Credentials for a New Generation of Organic Farmers Presenters: Rochelle Eisen & Heide Hermary, Society for Or- ganic Urban Land Care (SOUL)

There are currently over 600 certified organic farmers and processors in BC, but there are also close to 3,000 “uncertified organic” producers in BC. A significant portion of the un- certified organic producers are small-scale operators or new farmers who in most cases can- not comply with the land ten- ure requirements of the Canada Organic Standard or who feel it is not economically feasible to secure organic product cer- tification. Until now, organic certification has been product- based, involving an inspec- tion process that guarantees organic farmers are following organic standards. COABC’s 2012 Small Scale Certification report suggested that a farmer certification system was worth exploring. The new education- based personal accreditation developed by SOUL offers an alternative approach to com- municating an organic farmer’s commitment to organic princi- ples. More information, includ- ing a full history of the project and essential documents are at: farmer-accreditation.html

Pesticides: where do we come from, and where are we go- ing? Presenter: Dr. Warren Bell, Cana- dian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)

BC Organic Grower, Volume 17, Number 1, Winter 2014

This overview of pesticide use and historical and political pat- terns shows the steady pattern of moving away from oil-based chemical solutions towards bio- logical pest controls -- and how much work is needed to reach this goal.

Standard Operating Proce- dure (SOP) Basics for Small Farms Presenter: Anna Railings, KPU Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Standard Operating Procedures are an excellent way for farm- ers to document their routines, identify hazards, comply with standards and improve effi- ciency. Especially for farms with employees, apprentices, WOOF- ers or volunteers, SOPs can help save time during training and develop better practices in day-to-day farm duties. In this session, Anna will cover the rationale for SOPs and provide guidelines on developing these procedures for your farm op- erations.

More presenters to come! Visit us at our website to find out more. Announcement

COG-IOIA Basic Crop Inspection Training Feb 24 to Feb 28 2014 Nanaimo, BC

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