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Special Needs

If you have dietary, child care or other require- ments, please contact the conference organiz- ers at

Trade Show

The COABC Trade Shows is a great way to show- case your products. We welcome suppliers of approved inputs, seeds, appropriate technol- ogy, marketing tools, resource materials and more! Producers, distributors, retailers, proces- sors – please book your Trade Show tables on- line at

Poster Sessions

We are pleased to offer free space for poster presentations related to innovative organic pro- duction. Contact the conference organizers with your poster idea and to book space.


Please see page 20 of the BC Organic Grower for the registration form. Conference Presentations and Workshops

Four Season Harvest Presenter: Clara Coleman, Four Season Farm Con- sulting

Clara will discuss the benefits of soil blocks, seed starting and variety selection, appropriate crop planning using movable high tunnels, various pruning and trellising techniques, successful soil bed preparation (indoors and out), effec- tive sales, and marketing methods for small scale farmers.

Innovative Methods of Carrot Seed Produc- tion in Unheated High Tunnels Presenter: Jen Cody, Growing Opportunities Farm Community Cooperative

In partnership with the Bauta Initiative, and funded by a grant from the Organic Sector De- velopment Program, this four-year project just wrapped up its first year. Participating farmers from the project will share the results and learn- ings from trials of organic carrot seed production in high tunnels at four farms in different regions

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of BC. The goal of the project is to develop best practices for farmers interested in growing car- rot for seed in areas where Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) is present. This is a major chal- lenge to growing carrot for seed because Queen Anne’s Lace will readily cross with domesticated carrot varieties, compromising the seed’s ge- netic integrity. High tunnels offer isolation from outside insects that might transfer pollen from Queen Anne’s Lace to carrot flowers.

Hazelnuts Varieties and Disease Resistance Presenters: Haley Argen and Thom O’Dell, Nature Tech Nursery Ltd.

Hazelnuts are a good low-input crop well-suited to organic production with lots of options for value added products. Haley Argen and Thom O’Dell started Nature Tech Nursery in 2010, in part to help revive the BC hazelnut industry by importing new varieties that combine dis- ease resistance with substantial yield increases. They will briefly review hazelnuts as a crop and the industry here, talk about the new variet- ies and the BC Hazelnut Grower’s Association trial which is underway, and discuss agroforest- ry applications of hazelnut trees.

Panel Discussion: Hosting Farm Apprentices: Challenges and Opportunities Presenters: Jordan Marr, Evelyn Pereira, Kevin & An- namarie Klippenstein

Join a panel of farmers experienced with hosting apprentices to discuss some of the most com- mon challenges and problems that arise when offering farm apprenticeships. Panel members will share their strategies for minimizing con- flicts, offering a good farming education, and keeping apprentices happy and motivated from start to finish. Attendees will be invited to share their successes and failures with regards to this topic.

Business Planning for Small-Scale Farms Presenter: Chris Bodnar, Close to Home Organics

This session will provide you with the practical tools and knowledge you need to run a success- ful small-scale agriculture business. Key to the process is developing a solid business plan. If you are starting your own business, this session will help guide you through writing a business plan. If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready to start your own business, this course will help you

BC Organic Grower, Volume 17, Number 1, Winter 2014

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