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those overseas SOC folk returned information concluded that there were no Vans to be found I also got information from John Bramwell As he has as of now the only other Singer van running,

Singer Commercial

Vehicles Registrar Russ Evans

interest in commercials goes back much further. I was only small when my Dad bought a Ford Thames side valve Van for local deliveries I can see it now Blue on the outside and light grey dash with some cream coloured controls I enjoyed riding around sitting in the back on the wheel arches and then helping shove the parcels out when we arrived at a customer. Yep the first trip was bumpy but soon there

Singer Engine and gearbox My two hobbies are Vintage vehicles and Dogs – Puppy walking sometimes for Guide dogs. This means I can combine to two. But my

you will know I Run the Blue van that was immaculately rebuilt by Jim Keniston – ABL 681 It was then purchased by Robin Throp and subsequently myself Having two very knowledgeable folk to talk to I started seeking as much information as I could from these two gentlemen I now have a lot of information however that’s for another mag. This van certainly is most original and sports a

was a cushion fixed up, really some Dunlop- pillow from some old packaging with a board screwed to the inside so my back and head didn’t bang against the interior metal. Oh Health and safety regs of today would

certainly have spoilt my enjoyment!!!! So commercials have always been of interest Anyone remember the Post office van from All

Creatures Great and Small? Well at one time we owned that van A Morris

LC3 and because we served Post Offices it was parked in our yard for all to see. Currently I am member of the Historical

Commercial Vehicle Society and as of now no one seems to have a Singer Van nor know of one anywhere. Now that I am charged with this responsibility

I shall make some more enquires. When I first bought ABL 681 I began to search for its history and I did get answers from the


some interesting stories to share with members. Russ and pups

Have you heard of a van anywhere? I will follow this enquiry up. Do you have any paper work showing vans or commercials? Could I have copy, better still the original and I will compile a folder and an ever increasing file for SOC archives this will belong to the club. Contact details in the front of the mag. Thanks for reading this and I trust there will be

came to light via MartinWray who has forwarded this to me. Interesting stuff. So again I ask all of you who read this article

these have turned out to be Sewing machines, well; we are going to get this, but still to be followed up The latest is a van in Florida, new to me and

commercial Singer? Or have you heard about any currently I am told there are some six or so Junior vans not seen any and a Singer 10 pick up I have also followed up a van in Elgin and am awaiting conformation. I have even followed up "60 or so Singers", but

names have changed so I shall set about enquiring of the new secretaries for information - -Now what I am asking for here is. Does anyone in the club have info on any

the world that we know of. Now in 2012 most of the overseas contact

a 1939 with higher roof line and easy clean wheels. So these are as of now the only two running in

Well it’s all in a good cause. Why my interest in commercials, well most of

Registrar!!!, see the latest magazine. What did I say to get this job? Press ganged!!!

I have always been interested in Commercials and I seem to have put my foot in it!! Now I am regarded as the Commercial

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