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magazine in the last twelve months, I would like to convey my thanks to you. if not, perhaps you would like to do something in 2013, please !!!. Gifford

ArticlesfortheSingerOwner Would you please let the editor have articles for the January/February 2013 magazine by the 12th January please. Remember you can send these hand written or typed but the preferred method is word processed supplied on an email to the Editor with a maximum 3 or 4 photos only supplied as attachments to Larger quantities of photos should be sent on a CD. PLEASE don’t embed the photos in the email. All of this saves large typesetting costs. Remember to put your name at the end of your article. Printed digital photos or film prints can give us a better print than low resolution digital photos.

between them. Current membership stands at 500 subscriber organisations, ranging in size from under 20 to nearly 20,000 members representing a total membership of around quarter of a million. The subscription of 39.4p is paid by the SOC on your behalf, but you can also be an individual supporter for £14 if you feel strongly that they do a good job. In the early years, the focus was entirely on

prosperous 2013 when hopefully the Singer driving weather will be somewhat better than in 2012. If you have written a letter or an article for the

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Chairman’s Chat

If that mouthful of a title is too much to bear, be happy that this splendid organisation which represents us all in the tussle of "the motorists against officialdom" is more usually known as The FBHVC. A few weeks ago I attended their AGM and

Conference which to my great benefit is only about 10 miles away at The CS Rolls Wing of Hunt House (Rolls Royce), near Towcester. The AGMis the usual mix of officer’s speeches and financial statements, but the later conference was far more enlightening. Entitled "Your Federation", it was chaired by David Davies who introduced the three speakers, David Whale (newly elected Chairman of the FBHVC), David Hurley and Geoff Smith. It was explained that the FBHVC has existed since 1988 when The Historic Vehicle Clubs Committee (HVCC) and The Classic Vehicle Clubs Committee (CVCC) disbanded and formed the FBHVC. At its formation, FBHVC had around 60 clubs and museums with just under 100,000 members


ensuring that regulations relating to vehicle construction and testing were worded in such a way that old vehicles were not required to meet higher standards than applied when they were made. In more recent years, the risk of restriction through vehicle-specific regulation has receded, and most work is now concentrated on monitoring legislative proposals that have their origins in environmental protection considerations. The primary object of the Federation is

unchanged: it is simply to do all that can be done to uphold the freedom of the road for old vehicles. Everything else is secondary to that aim, as that is what subscribers pay for. The scope of the FBHVC has widened greatly

and has added the areas of Research, Heritage and Culture, Trade and Skills, Technical and Events and FIVA. If you look back through our magazine we often report on some of these areas, the notes having been researched and presented by Liz Heyer. It was reported that ours is now a £4.3 billion industry, which employs over 28,000 people. Many members are aware and join in with Drive-

it-Day but do you also know of the Heritage Open Days in September when we are being encouraged to use our vehicles at the end of the year as well as the now traditional opener of Drive-it-Day. If you have a connection to the internet I strongly commend you A Happy Christmas to you all, and I hope you are

able to get your cars out for a traditional New Years Day run. Kindest Regards

Arthur look at the website

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