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oilseal etc, remeshing and refitting to chassis. Overhauling front axle and swivels-fitting new swivel pins and bushes, hub oil retaining washers etc-adjusting steering ball joints. Relining brakes-overhauling Lockheed brake system and fitting new rubber boots, piston etc to cylinders-Bleeding and adjusting brakes. Suppling and fitting two new rear axle shafts and oil retainers-two reconditioned shock absorbers-adjusting remaining shock absorbers-adjusting body bolts. Supplying & fitting 12v Battery-Ignition warning light unit- battery lead and starter control-cleaning and adjusting starter and dynamo and fitting new brushes. Adjusting doors-attention to leaking roof, adjusting and refitting bonnet. Stripping O/S rear quarter of body, removing dents and reshaping-Repairing and removing dents from wings. Repainting O/S rear quarter panel-four wings and valances-Polishing Body. Testing on road and adjusting. £131.7.0d.

Singer with false teeth

and forked tongue By J.Dewar McLintock

(Originally published in The Motor Jan 6 1968)

Motorcars can play merry hell with human emotions. Love can turn to hate and fear. Contempt can turn to respect.

emotion…… My love affair with a 1936 Singer Le Mans was one

Indifference can grow into lifelong

of those first-sight affairs sparked off by the lure of black enamel as shiny as patent leather sandal, and by the erotically-contoured scuttle, complete with cleavage. It was a reckless delight to cast oneself into the firm embrace of the hide upholstery without even bothering to open the tiny cut-away door, and the instrument board was a dream of mahogany, with big round chrome-rimmed instruments that were bathed in an unearthly green glow at night. Within a couple of weeks I knew, however, that this

flashy, fleshy creature was out to get me. My passionate love cooled appreciably when I bashed my nose on the glamorous fold-flat screen, which was not folded flat when I thought it was. I began to care even less about the machine after it had put my life in jeopardy when I was about to leap-frog the traffic on the Brighton Road, and the throttle linkage fell off. Was this seductive-looking device a killer? I began

to think so, and the feeling grew on me, but I was still prepared to accept the challenge. After another few weeks the sly slut took to refusing to start easily. I assumed that the intention was to wear my strength down gradually and inexorably as I wielded the starting handle more and more each weary day. There was no such subtle intention, however, and

if I had not been still a little stupefied with love I might have reflected on the possibility of more violent behaviour, and might have remembered that one does not stand behind mules, nor under mobile cranes. The bitch took me by surprise, literally in my own front garden. You might not believe how easily it can happen, but the Singer was pointing down the sloping driveway towards my garage and when I swung the lovely chromium plated starting handle, the machine happened to be in second gear with the handbrake more off than on…… For once she fired first pull-up and leaped into motion with the clear intention of running me over or crushing me against the garage doors. Half-successfully she did a bit of both, as I flung myself across the long shiny bonnet, and as the car hit the closed garage doors with the sound of a falling forest giant, my legs were well between the projecting dumb-irons. I would like to be able to say I sold the cow

immediately, but, not content with bending its front end and smashing my garage doors, it shortly afterwards ran all its big-ends in spit of not quite getting me, ant it was months before I could afford to put it in saleable condition. Then I sold it to an unsuspecting South London dealer-about as rare a creature as a Camberwell Beauty in an English summer. The story, albeit true, is unfair to Singers and their

songs. I do admit. If the vocal efforts of the famous little Eights and Juniors of the late ‘20s were a trifle harsh, they had decent manners and simple charms. Moreover, the better examples of the Sports 1_ Litre and 9HP cars of the 1933-1937 were captivating, exciting little vehicles, whether as mild as the Le Mans four-seater (31bhp at 4800rpm), as spicy as the Speed two-seater (38 at 5000) or as truly husky as the 1_ Litre (63 at 4800). One cannot be certain whether Singer and Co. Ltd.

Had too little or too much faith in their machines, but the following extract from company literature of 1936 vintage indicates that they were concerned about the welfare of the cars: "Singer and Company maintain a fleet of fully

equipped service vans, manned by highly skilled mechanics who are experts in repairing Singer cars. These vans are continually touring the country and are at the service of any owner who is experiencing difficulty. It is merely necessary to communicate with one of our service depots, giving a rough idea of the nature of the trouble which is being experienced. Instructions will then be given to the travelling service representative nearest to your district who will call upon you at the first opportunity. The service depots of this company were created

specially for the benefits of all owners of Singer cars. Whatever the age of your Singer car, you are at liberty to call at any of the company’s depots at any time you may be passing through the district where these are situated, namely, Coventry, Birmingham and Wembley. Our staff is at your disposal to test your car and give you a report as to its condition. You are


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