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'smiley face method' as described by ‘Singer Enthusiast’ in his very helpful article (ref I set the ignition timing statically and pondered starting the engine. I drained off a little of the seven year old unleaded, I had read somewhere that modern petrol goes off after a while, it looked a bit dark but otherwise seemed ok, so I primed the autovac, spun the engine and it spluttered into life. So far the oil and water have remained separate!! I now have to take a look at the brakes and a couple of other cosmetic jobs, sort out the paperwork but hope to have the car back on the road. I hope to have it all sorted in time to do the school run for the autumn term. Jolyon Lawson

position, inserting the shaft that drives the distributor was very fiddly as the woodruff key kept dropping out but finally it all went together and the engine was looking complete. Before refitting the radiator I took the precaution of filling the engine with oil adding the battery and spinning it over to check for oil pressure, there was none. A bit of graphogen around the oil pump gears resolved the problem. On went the radiator along with new hoses which I am too embarrassed to admit the cost of. I rechecked the valve timing which I had previously set according to the

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Tack House, Church Lane Elvington, York YO41 4AD Mobile: 07954 152673 email:

Viv Littlewood LEADA Ltd

Now that the dust has settled on another Singer National Weekend (not that there was much of that about when we left Elvington!) It is now time to return to workshop activities. To that end I have recently purchased the 1935

Art Deco Le Mans Coupe advertised by Bob Francis. The car requires a substantial amount of restoration work but what an exciting project -

right up my street. Whilst collecting the car from Ellsmere Port, ably assisted by Ashley Crossland and my two sons John and Rob, they were tempted to purchase two further restoration projects, a 1933 9 sports 4 seater and a 1934 2 seater Le Mans. This means we now have

summer, with Ashley and our wives, we arranged to meet up with an old friend, Doctor Bill Hastings and his wife Marian. You will perhaps recall that Bill was the one time owner and restorer of 781 XUS, the 1935 LM Coupe now owned by Richard George in Weymouth. Bill was kind enough to provide me with this photographic record of the car from its discovery on, and repatriation from, Orkney. The photographs have already proved invaluable in my restoration project. I know 781 XUS very well, having been offered first refusal on the completion of its restoration. Although very tempting, I declined the offer since a rebuild project is more appealing to me than a finished car.

allocation to avoid the inevitable sibling jealously the resultant tantrum over who had themore interesting job was by far and away the trickiest part of the operation. We then removed, cleaned and refitted the sump. The head, manifold, exhaust all went back into

eight cars within the Littlewood stable, albeit some are 'works in progress' - As Arthur said at S.N.D "it is good to see that another generation is now deeply involved in Singers". Indeed grandsons are now driving cars around the yard! Whilst holidaying on the Isle of Man this


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