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commitment from at least 15 owners to secure a Singer only event on this date. The entry fee is £15.00 per person, which goes towards the running costs of the steamtrain/museum. Please letme have a cheque for the full amount now (£30.00 per couple), to secure an entry to this special event. Your cheques will not be cashed until February next year at the earliest, but will show a commitment to attend (see page 2 of the SOC magazine for my address details). Please can I have a speedy response to this invitation by email or phone (followed up by your entry fee) as I need to give a commitment and notify the Chairman of Fawley Museum Society by mid- December at the very latest?

Eamonn Galligan Club Press Officer

Panshanger Rally 2012

of vehicles as there had been last year, due - I understand - to a conflicting attraction elsewhere Nevertheless, - a good time was had by all.

the usual entertainments were available, with jive-dancing, big-band music from the 30's and 40's. However , there wasn't such a large presence

As you can see , we had a good overall selection of cars at Panshanger . The last car in the line-up being a non-singer as well as the third to last . Both vehicles belonged to club members , as alternative transport . The weather was very warm on the whole and

Oil, water and a New Year resolution

I bought my Singer in 1974. I was twelve years old. I found the car languishing in a shed next door to the house of a school friend. The car was partly dismantled and had clearly not moved for many years. Flushed with youthful enthusiasm I went home to

tell my dad about the car and suggest we might buy and restore it. Surprisingly he agreed and even more

had recently died and the property was being sold on behalf of the family who lived abroad. He agreed to get the car valued and let me know. After pestering the poor man over several weeks he determined the car only had scrap value and if I made a £2 donation to cancer research I could have it.

surprisingly my mother didn't object. The property where the car sat was unoccupied.

An estate agent's board outside advertised it for sale. I visited the estate agent to enquire if I could buy the car, he told me that the owner of the house


at the time, to ask for help in identifying the car. They were most helpful in confirming it as a 1932 Singer

summer holidays and I was able to make many trips to the shed using my 'orange box' go kart to ferry the loose parts home. Once I had the components secured I returned with my Dad, armed rather hopefully with a foot pump. Surprisingly all four tyres pumped up and the car was pushed a couple of hundred yards home. I was steering while my dad and sister pushed. I wrote to Chrysler, who owned the Singermarque

Fortunately this all occurred during long school

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