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contacts to occur, even though routinemaintenance is routinely carried out, the gap setting of 0.010 - 0.012 of an inch for early distributors may be increased to 0.015 of an inch. This increase will improve the service life of the contacts under such conditions, although the performance of the engine at very high speedsmay be slightly impaired. Under no circumstances must the gap be allowed to fall below 0.010 of an inch." Distributor DK4A should fit all 4-cylinder Singers

inside the distributor. On all 4-cylinder, anticlockwise units the rotor arm Lucas Part No. 400052 is specified and, on clockwise cars, Lucas Part No. 400051 is used. Remember this rotation is taken from the distributor drive end of the unit. Some new pattern parts are of spurious quality.

post-1933, except twin-carb SM1500 and 4ADT cars. Distributor DM2P4 is specified for the twin- carb cars. On very late cars, 1955-onwards, a different type of points assembly was used but is interchangeable with earlier assemblies. Condensers on Singers all seem to be around .2 If you cannot find an original that


However, superior quality rotor arms are now available moulded in a red material that is designed to stop arcing down to earth which can occur. One of themain reasons for rotor armfailure is the use of high-output coils which should be avoided if you want reliability. Contact breaker points, Lucas Part No. 407050

works, and many do not, fit a BMC Mini type which are easy to obtain. Fit the long lead to the external distributor feed connection and earth the casing of the condenser to the engine or frame as a temporary repair. You do not need to have the condenser

Dave Hardwick Nine Spares

This issue we concentrate on new clutch parts for the Singer Nine series of cars and show here, clutch plate complete with 6 spline centre. The clutch fork assembly and the carbon thrust and holder.

(remax ES79) is specified for all Singers except twin- carb cars which use Lucas Part No.420196 (remax ES 1060, COMMERCIAL IGNITION CS36) or Ford eota 12199B. I hope the above answers a few questions on this

subject. If you require further information please get in touch or advise me if you think any of the information is incorrect.

David Freeth


41 HIGH STREET, SKELLINGTHORPE, LINCOLN, ENGLAND LN6 5TS TELEPHONE: (01522) 682511 Enthusiast and Specialist

in 1.5 Litre and 9HP Le Mans Sports Cars Large stocks of spares from brake hoses to crankshafts and cylinder heads

Fully illustrated now our 140 page catalogue £10.00 (UK). 20 euros (cash only) (Europe). £20.00 cash only (Rest of the World)

The catalogue covers pre-war tourers and saloons from 9hp to 2 litre but not Singer Juniors YOUR CAR IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT ONE!!


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