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customers with suspension components for the Roadster, and Super 10, along with oil filters, head gaskets and exhaust gaskets. Since placing the advert in the Singer Owner, I have been contacted by everyone with a Super 10 and a Super 12, and been able to supply most requests, including an oil filter to John Bramwell for his 12. Regarding the Rootes Singers - I continue to be asked for brightwork such as door handles, hub caps and grilles, eyebrows, and letter boxes, plus sills as well as the usual MOT items – king-pins, exhausts, service items and radiator and heater hoses, to name but a few. It is essential however that the correct model & year are correctly identified & agreed as there are so many variations.

Gazelles & Vogues, plus front and rear valences, and outriggers. Very scarce. 7" sealed beam RHD headlights are now

difficult to supply as the Canadian factory – Wagner, has stopped making them.

Future Plans Following frequent requests Boot Hinges for the

2626 Parts Needed – Front wings for the Arrow

over £250,000 new and used parts, I can supply most of the mechanical parts for the suspension, rear axle and gearbox. I can supply 75% of the engine components for most of the Rootes engines. Body panels are not as easy, but at the moment, I can supply sills for Vogue, Gazelle and Chamois. Repair panels for the front wings and rear wings on the Gazelles are available, but not complete front wings. I am now in a position to say that I can supply ignition components for all Singers from 1938 to 1970. Parts requested – I have supplied a few

connection never left Billy and he was the natural successor to run the financially troubled Singer Motor Company. Had the Rootes Group not taken over in 1956, then the Singer name would have been lost forever. As it was it continued until 1970 and was run as a completely separate company within the Rootes Group, with its own dealer network, and dealer support staff, parts and service departments. By contrast Humber, Hillman, Sunbeamand Commer were all grouped together for the same purposes. So the next time anyone feels that Billy Rootes did nothing for the Singer name, please think again, and remember we owe him and the Rootes Group a lot more than we will ever know. Parts available – From my extensive stock of

Hawkhurst, having first sold bicycles from 1896, then cars and motor bikes. During the immediate post 1st World War years, Billy famously bought a full year’s production of the now infamous Singer 10 model, making his Maidstone garage, the most successful Singer dealership in the UK. It was this model which helped Billy to start his own career in the motor industry.


apprentice to the fledgling Singer Car Company in 1910, and because of his cycling prowess, developed as a teenager growing up in Hawkhurst in Kent, he became a works motorcycle rider with some success and stayed for 3 years. His father – William Rootes Senior was a Singer dealer

in Goudhurst and

However I do try to complete orders made as much as I am able.

Singer Roadster JPC 166

I was going through some old photographs of a car that belonged to one of my relations and wondered whether it was still in existence. I know it was sold on to an enthusiast so they may be one of your members. The reason I am writing is that I have come across a quantity of old photographs of the car during speed trials and rather than throw them I would like them to go to a good home. If anyone is interested please let me know. Regards

Andrew Richmond

and Big Ends are very scarce, and some repro items have proved to be of such an appalling quality that I won’t entertain them. In conclusion many easy to supply parts are becoming increasingly difficult

to supply.

Andrew McAdam Macs Factors

Series IIIa - VI Gazelles, and Singer Vogue Mk 1 and 2, are in the pipeline. This is at an early stage and I will let you know in the Spring about developments here. Drawings from the Archive Centre are again being used to get these much needed items remanufactured. 1725cc engine components – Pistons, Mains

range of engines, are due to be remanufactured by me. More details by the New Year. Windscreen Seals – front and rear for the

Minx / Gazelle / Rapier range of cars are to be made, using drawings from the Archive Centre. Oil Pump parts for the 1390 / 1494 / 1592

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