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Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Corporate Affairs Directorate D16, DVLA Longview Road Swansea SA6 7JL Telephone 01792 384565

7 November 2012

2012, keepers of vehicles who need to tax their pre-1960 vehicle(s) will not need to produce a valid MOT pass certificate when applying for a tax disc. Any application to tax via the Post Office or Local Office will require a completed V112 (Declaration of exemption from MoT testing) where the customer declares that their vehicle is exempt. In addition, the DVLA electronic vehicle licensing system will enable customers with pre-1960 vehicles to tax without a MoT from 18th November 2012.

Pre-1960 Vehicles I am writing to notify you of a change in legislation that may impact a number of your members. From 18th November 2012, vehicles manufactured before 1st January 1960 will become exempt from the requirements to have a mandatory MoT test. I can confirm that these vehicles will still be required to be in a roadworthy condition when used on a public road. Keepers of pre-1960 vehicles will still be able to take a voluntary MoT test at all approved testing stations if they wish to do so. This means that on or after 18th November

DVLA will not accept general dating certificates as evidence to amend or update the date of manufacture. Such certificates will however, continue to be accepted for other purposes such as V765 claims and requests for age related numbers for recently restored or recently imported vehicles. I trust this explains the situation. Yours sincerely

Claire Rush

the vehicle records held at the DVLA, it is important that evidence provided to amend or add information already held on our system is accurate and truly reflects the vehicle for which it is issued. Therefore it has been decided that for these specific cases, requests will only be considered where it has been accompanied with either an extract from the manufacturer/factory record or an extract fromthe appropriate ‘Glass’s Check Book’. Both these documents will have a direct link to the chassis number that should already have been accepted and recorded on the vehicle record as part of the initial registration process. I can confirm that for these specific cases,

should be exempt due to the law change but their Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) does not reflect this they will need to write to the DVLA to request a change. The address to write to is DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA. In order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of

allow pre-1960 vehicles to either transfer or retain their registration mark using the current cherished transfer scheme provided a voluntary MoT has been passed. This is to ensure that vehicles are still in existence and prevent potential fraudulent claims for attractive marks. Where keepers believe their current vehicle

where a date of manufacture is not on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) system, but the date of registration is recorded as being on or before 7th January 1960.We also apply this policy to the qualification criteria for the pre-1973 Vehicle Excise Duty exemption. I can confirm that the Agency will continue to

This exemption will also apply to vehicles

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