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Pertti Sanevuori from Finland and has chassis L4 AD 1551V. A further 4AD joins in the hands of Norbert

with a 1951 4AB Roadster – reg: LEL 409 with chassis 4AB 7314U. Walter has owned a Singer in the past but has only just joined the club and at present the Roadster has a Morris engine temporarily fitted. Walter says the last m.o.t was in 2004 and has bought the Roadster as a project. A 1952 Roadster 4AD joins in the hands of

Leslie Pebody from Crick, Northants. With the reg: EJX 126, chassis 4AD 2472W and engine 4AD 1721V. Leslie met the club at the N.E.C Classic Car Show. A 1952 Singer SM1500 Saloon joins in the

Birttgen from Germany with chassis number 4AD 2406W from 1953. This surname may well be wrong as Norbert’s surname was regrettably not printed. A 1954 Roadster 4AD joins in the hands of

Andrew Taylor from Swindon although again we have no further details. Walter Jeffery from Shipbourne, Kent joins

stage. A 1951 4AB joins the club in the hands of

Mark Gaved from Wolverton, with reg: HGJ 906C. Whilst Stefano Milano also joins with a Series 5 from 1965 with reg: EFK 319C. Stefano lives in Grimoldby, Lincolnshire. Chris Potts from Chobham in Surrey re-joins

us a photo and a bit more detail about her car. A 1965 Gazelle Series 5 joins in the hands of

with this Gazelle Saloon having lapsed in January 2009, welcome back Chris, please let us have a photo and a few more details of your car and how it is going. Moving onto Vogue’s, we have a 1963 example

reg: AHJ 602A, now in the hands of Paul Chatfield from Matlock, Derbyshire. I believe the registration comes from Southend in Essex unless I am mistaken. Glen Harvey from Wellingboro, Northants joins

with a 1965 Vogue – reg: HAX 62C with chassis number B774001775OW HSO, and met the club at a local car show. The final Vogue joining is reg: JNR 72D, a 1966

hands of William Mee from Clwyd, N. Wales with reg: JVS 542, with chassis and engine number D4632V. William has been a club member in the past with a Singer Super 12. Moving to Gazelles, Fred Vickery joins with a

1961 Gazelle Saloon – reg: 779 BYU, with chassis and engine number B7041265 HSO. Frank heard about the club from Classic Car Buyer and has been in his hands for the last 6 years. Recently the car has been re-sprayed in blue and cream and has had complete brake replacements with new pipes, re-built slave and wheel cylinders, as well as exhaust and some new trim parts. Patricia Jephson joins with a 1964 Gazelle

Saloon, reg: BEL 161B and has the details of the two previous owners. Maybe Patricia will send

1960 Gazelle although we have no further details of the car. Frank Collins from Biggin Hill, Kent joins with a

Arrow series with the 1725 cc engine with engine and chassis number B751000329 HSO and is in the hands of Raymond Hewitson from Paignton, Devon, who heard about the club in Practical Classics Magazine. Raymond has been told by the previous owner that this particular car appeared in a Motoring Magazine in 1966 or 1967 and although claimed to have the magazine, could not find it at the time of the change of ownership. Maybe one of our members can help. Finally we have two members joining without

photo by post or email to the Editor in order that we can introduce you in more detail to the existing members of the club. We look forward to hearing from you.


the S.O.C. and your new hobby. I would like to invite you to write or send a

vehicles who we look forward to hearing from. They are Angus Glen from Eye near Peterborough and Gary Charlson from Rochdale, Lancashire. We look forward to hearing what Singers perhaps you are looking for. To all of the above, may we welcome you to


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