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New Members

with a 1934 LeMans Sports two seater reg: TJ5418 with chassis 61066 and engine number S53398 and regrets that he has no further details on the car and it’s history yet. It seems to have been restored in the 80’s and was at one stage in Belgium. The car body number is B544 and comes with Solex 30 FAI carburettor’s. The car looks very presentable in the enclosed photos

Firstly Alex Jessop from Chesterfield with reg: APL 836 which is a late 1933 two seater LeMans – chassis number 601104 and engine 55098. Alex belonged to the club a few years back and we welcome him again. David Smith from Stratford –upon-Avon joins with another two seater reg: ALN 96 with chassis 49756 , which has not been registered since 1954. Hopefully we willmeet David at Singer National Day in 2013 which is right in his area. Peter Ralph from Church Stretton, Salop, joins

971 joins in the hands of Clive Richardson from Ventnor, Isle of Wight. The registration is OW 247. Next we have two 1933 Sports cars joining.

a two seater Junior Sports reg: GF 4494 with chassis 18989 and engine 24113. A 1931 Saloon with chassis 1095 and engine

with a Junior Saloon reg: BF4070 with chassis 25199 and engine 12461. Geoff heard about the club in Practical Classics Magazine. Paul Clifton fromWatchet, Somerset joins with

Sussex. Robert tells us that his father was a member some years ago. GeoffreyWilliams of Camborne, Cornwall joins

We start off with three 1930 Juniors in this edition, firstly an open tourer reg: RX6442 with chassis 23976 and engine 24874. Apparently the car was originally a saloon and is now owned by Robert McDowell

from Peacehaven, East

with a 1939 Roadster, reg: JPC 166, with chassis J26551R and engine 6172. Alan has helped us in the past with information on the Singer Team Cars including AC Westwood and the Candidi Provacaoes. Alan explains that he doesn’t actually own the car but is restoring it for a good friend. He has known the Roadster for the last 30 years and although it was dismantled for restoration in 1988 has remained static ever since. The previous owner was an S.O.C. member back in the 1980’s. Alan promises to do a write up on the restoration for the magazine. A 1951 4A Roadster joins in the hands of Maldwyn Williams from Llandegran, in Wales. We have no further information on this car at this


with a Singer Super Ten, reg: DDE 899, with chassis J3615 and engine 3401. David heard about the club from Classis Car Buyer Magazine and tells us that he is a mechanic. Alan Cameron from West Wickham, Kent joins

a 1939/1947 Singer Super Ten. It seems that the car is an amalgam of two vehicles reg: FFJ 411 and HRO 2 with chassis numbers J4589 and 4614 with engines B2259Q and B2714. David Wadhams from Stourbridge also joins

from Mansfield and the original number sold. The car was re-sold in 2002 before finally coming to Chris in January 2010, after 8 years standing. The Bantam is currently undergoing a refurb and engine rebuild and is green on black, a two door saloon with a sun roof. Jimmy Hinde from Portland, Dorset joins with

Singer Bantam reg: KAS 807 which was formerly DRA698 and has chassis number 9738 with engine 9338. Chris has found that the first owner in 1937 up to 1992 was Eric Hancock fromRipley in Derbyshire.

It was then sold to Neil Burton

LeMans 4 seater although we do not have any further details at this stage. Moving to 1937, Chris Walker joins with a

LeMans 4 seater with chassis 63855 and engine 60810 in the hands of Stephane Vanoverschelde from Etalondes, France. Rob Stel from Holland joins with a 1936

in the hands of Paul Mottram from Sheffield. Chassis number 62739 and engine 58746. Paul met the club at the NEC Classic Car Show. Reg: ALV 964 is a 1935 Long Tail Singer

with another 1934 Singer although we know little else about the car at this stage. Hopefully John will fill us in later, with perhaps a photo or so. A 1935 two seater LeMans, reg: BXH 689 joins

with a 1934 Singer but this time it is a Singer 11 Saloon, reg: BLM18. Allan’s uncle swapped his motor bike in 1938 for this car and has kept it on the road until the late 50’s when it failed the m.o.t. It’s good to know that the car has survived and we look forward to seeing on the road in future. John Pigg from St. Neots, Cambridge joins

a 1934 Singer LeMans, chassis number 60161 and heard about the club on the internet. Hopefully we will hear more about the car and see a photo in the coming year. Allan Gove from Smallfield, Surrey also joins

and we look forward to seeing it in the coming year. Luc Betrancourt from Albert, France joins with

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