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Steve discovered that the NSF wooden wheel was starting to disintegrate. It may sound disastrous but it was not too bad. Gaps were appearing in the outer wooden rim and we could see gaps between the metal surround and the same outer rim. Steve decided to go into Exeter next day and purchase some Araldite. This was applied on Thursday evening and upon inspection on Friday morning it was solid. Friday evening at Coventry we noticed a leak

The Motorhome and trailer followed behind with a large sign on the back saying – SLOW VETERAN CAR – this of course can be read two ways. The first hiccup came after about an hour when I stopped and lifted the bonnet. The fan was flapping around and the locking cup of the bearing was laid on the front of the crankcase with a few loose ball bearings. The person who had reassembled the bearing (me) had not tightened it enough and it had fallen apart. So David, husband of Heidi, whose great grandfather was Mr Warn, was despatched into Redruth to find a cycle shop and purchase some more ball bearings. With the fan tie wrapped out of the way we continued until lunchtime when we rebuilt the assembly with the new ball bearings. A jubilee clip was attached to framework to ensure it could not drop out again. That evening, doing our daily servicing routine,

detached itself from the top of one of the cylinders. When I stopped the car I ran back down the road to pick it up, forgetting that it had been on the top of a hot engine. Ouch! We subsequently decided to remove all of the taps and replace with spark plugs. Eight visible plugs brought some questions but on closer inspection you can see that only four have leads. We set off on Sunday 19th August and went to a camp site near Poole ready for a photo shoot at Mr Warns' old premises. On Tuesday we went down to Lands End and on the way decided that we would lighten the car as much as possible because of the hills. We removed all the tools, spare fluids, the Stepney wheel and ran with only one passenger. We left Lands End at about 10amin fine weather.

Also during this trip a decompression tap

well but on Sunday Steve was driving when the hand throttle jammed. We found it much easier to drive on the hand throttle as the accelerator is at a difficult angle when driving for a long time. We removed the steering wheel boss and found a small bolt had vibrated loose, when this was tightened all was well again. Those were the only problems we encountered during our trip. Having completed

from the bottom of the radiator, we removed it ( the radiator) and applied some solder. This stopped the leak on the radiator but disturbed one of the joints to the water pump. This leaked slightly but we were not worried about it. The next day went

regular servicing- we spent an hour every night checking and cleaning – and last of all a good portion of luck.


The range of new and used parts hitherto available from Trevor Cornelius, are now exclusively available only to SOC members from our new Roadster spares administrator Arthur Michell.

112 Towcester Road, Northampton NN4 8LH. Tel 01604 764437 or email


three one month long rallies in a classic car myself I can only repeat what Timo Makinen, the Finnish rally driver, once said "It is all down to three things, Preparation, Preparation and Preparation". I would like to add a couple of other points –

Ian North

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