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It’s Happening in Heeley... Second trip to Goa for

Carfield Lollipop Lady Friends of the Educators Trust founder Sue Pugh will be flying back to India in the New Year to observe first-hand the work of the charity she supports from her Upper Albert Road home.

“It’s nice to actually be there and see it for real” explained Sue. “I’m not a big traveller so it was a big thing to go out there earlier this year but I loved it, and booked another flight as soon as I was back in Sheffield”.

Sue’s husband was one of the founders of the Educators Trust, which was established in Goa in February 2008 to facilitate the transition of vulnerable children into mainstream education.

“Some of the children live in tents and shacks, and have never received any formal schooling” continued Sue, who has been providing a safe passage across the busy junction of Albert, Upper Albert and Carfield Road for parents and pupils at Carfield School for the last three years.

The Honey Pie Tearoom Set to Close

After two years of exquisite coffee, cake and ambience the Honey Pie Tearoom is closing and new tenants from Dronfield will be running the Chesterfield Road site as a more conventional café.

“Rent is very expensive”, explained Honey Pie founder, Jo Hardiman. “Contracts for operational essentials are hard to negotiate and we’re responsible for building repairs and maintenance too. The coffee machine cost more than my car, and over the last two years we’ve invested around £20,000.”

Jo explains other problems the cafe has had, saying, “We get a lot of lovely local customers, but we’re dependent on passing trade and many people come in only because we serve tea and coffee rather than to engage specifically with what we do. Outside seating is a problem, and with free parking at the Retail Park people don’t cross the road.”

“The new tenants will be running a more traditional cafe. In a way it’s a relief that they don’t want to retain our interior design, because I’d see it every day. It feels like when you’re a kid and you’ve painted a really nice picture and someone spills water all over it. It’s really sad for me, and a lot of other small businesses too.”

Above: Sue in her role as lollipop lady and below, at one of the Educators’ Trust training centres in Goa.

“There are three training centres where children can adjust gradually, get comfortable and learn the basics before registering at a state school. A lot of the parents don’t know how to get their kids into school - they’ve never done it before and there’s no one there to help them”.

The Friends of the Educators Trust provides publicity for the charity while maintaining correspondence with fundraisers and volunteers. “It is difficult to attract new people, especially if they haven’t seen the work first-hand” explained Sue. “People from all over the world have visited Goa to see what we do, but we need to provide a consistent involvement once they return home”.

“I’ll be boxing up everything ‘Honey Pie’ but I’ll keep hold of the name. I’m glad to have done it, and proud that we always maintained the ethos that it’s all fresh and homemade despite business enterprise advice suggesting we should buy wholesale. We’ve strived to provide that exclusivity, but it’s just not been viable.”

Above: Jo Hardiman, moving on from Honey Pie.

“We’ve had really good staff and have supported and trained several people on work placements. They’ve come to us facing significant

employment barriers which would have seen them struggle elsewhere. I’ve really enjoyed working with them – each of them has flourished with just a little encouragement.”

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