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ANNUAL REPORT 2013 Adjudicating Complaints for the Independent Healthcare Sector

ISCAS Governance Board

Over the year, the Board has ratified the membership and focused on increasing its patient representation, including engagement with Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and the Private Patients Forum. The Board agreed a number of ISCAS developments to take forward:

• Revision of the Code

• Seeking feedback from complainants about the service

• Improving the monitoring of member’s compliance to the Code

• Reporting on ISCAS activity and adjudication outcomes

ISCAS discontinued membership of one organisation due to continued non-compliance with the Code and providing a poor complaint service to its patients. This was an exceptional decision for the Board to make.

The Board’s role in agreeing decisions about non-compliance is an important aspect of ensuring independence in the governance of the Code and demonstrating publically that membership of ISCAS means complainants are treated and responded to properly.

Baroness Fiona Hodgson, CBE, ISCAS Governance Board Chair

It has been my pleasure to chair the ISCAS Governance Board since its inception at its first meeting in March 2012.

This past year has seen the ISCAS Governance Board become well established. Getting the right balance on the Board has been an important concern. Coming from a patient background myself, I am always mindful about the importance of ISCAS engaging with patient representatives. During the past year we have invited in AvMA and the Private Patients Forum (PPF) in to talk to us about their work. We already have representation from the Patients Association and have been fortunate to have a patient representative from the Private Patients Forum.

Much work, and extensive consultation, has been put into the review of the Complaints Code of Practice. This has proved to be a challenging task which has meant that it has taken slightly longer to produce than originally anticipated. However, the new Code has been launched and I hope will be well received. I would like to thank Andrew Wilby and the ISCAS staff for all their hard work during the past year. Having such an excellent team has really helped the Governance Board enormously and we look forward to the challenges of the year ahead!

Baroness Fiona Hodgson, CBE


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