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ANNUAL REPORT 2013 Adjudicating Complaints for the Independent Healthcare Sector

Table 3: Complaint by type for ISCAS members

Clinical care 10% Complaints handling 2% Consultant care 20% Cosmetic treatments 3% Cosmetic surgery 24% Dental 1% Fees 8% Lasers 2% Mental health 1% Multiple complaints 15% Nursing care 2% Social care 0% Not disclosed 2% Other 5% Bariatric 4%

Table 4: Breakdown of complaints by each stage for ISCAS members

Table 4 also shows the stage that the complaint had reached when people contacted ISCAS.

2% 28% 38%

ICAS Members 60%

12% 20%

ISCAS had a significant increase in complaints about non-members: 38%, compared with 25% last year. This includes people seeking to complain about NHS Private Patients Units, which do not currently subscribe to ISCAS. The remit of the Health Service Ombudsman does not extend to complaints about these units, leaving users of these services with limited redress and no avenue for independent review of their complaint. This is a matter the ISCAS Governance Board continues to raise with Ministers.

Non members Provider unknown Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2

Some people contact ISCAS before embarking upon the complaints process (28%), which reflects that in some cases the ISCAS member has not publicised their complaints information effectively. Some people seek assurance about how the complaint process is working.

The majority of people contacting ISCAS about a member are at stage 1 of the process. Some are seeking advice about next steps and confirmation that the ISCAS member is following the right procedure. In some cases, there is a wish to escalate a complaint before stage 2 has begun. A significant amount of ISCAS time is committed to helping people work through the complaints process ahead of adjudication and to advising about alternative ways to pursue complaints about non-members. This is equally important to ISCAS, as unfortunately these complainants have used a service that has no commitment to a full complaints process with an independent review stage.


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