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This is a quality of finish/contamination issue as well as an environmental and fire risk if there ever was one. Having said that, we are again finding customers willing to look at the more expensive waterwash spraybooth to meet local requirements especially when linked to a Delta ‘Aquacleanse’ coagulation unit which eliminates the build of paint in the spraybooth water, reducing the maintenance and disposal issues.

How has the company developed to meet the challenges of evolving technology, environmental and customer needs – your design facilities for example, and innovation?

One of the main areas the company had had to develop has been on the project management side. More and more customers work to CDM regulations that we have had to adapt to. The other main areas have been the development of the ‘Aqua’ range of products including the ‘Aquaflow’ spraybooth, ‘Aquacleanse’ coagulation system and ‘Aquaguard’ conveyor protection system. All of these have come from the customer’s needs for higher quality output and reduced downtime/ maintenance. On top of this, the company has developed through a whole series of projects an immense knowledge base for automation and plant design to achieve some of the higher standards specified.

What are the differences, if any, in the way you approach a potential customer/contract – then and now?

Oh, now you are on one of my areas of frustration! I used to be able to see customers, develop a relationship, come up

with a design and price to suit everyone and in effect shake hands on it. There was a level of trust. You still have that today, but then the buying office and legal department step in and you can easily waste weeks, if not months, bouncing around terms and conditions that can be so onerous that sometimes you are putting your own company at risk. The time, effort and cost for all this can very often be out of proportion to the size of the contract. Once this is all done it very often then goes back to the people you built the relation- ship with in the first place and things carry on as normal! I truly believe that if two companies are honest and open with each other you will get a facility that is to the highest standards and installed in the required timescale. We have actually walked away from a number of orders in the last couple of years where the drive for a lower price by the purchasing department has lead to a lower standard specification that in our view would guarantee the customer having problems down the line.

What are the benefits that you believe Delta Process Systems offers to its customers over your competition?

At Delta we are in some ways very traditional, but always looking to take on new ideas. What we will not do is lower the quality of manufacture just to get an order. We make as much of the plant at our works rather than subcontracting out to local fabrication companies and losing a level of control that can lead to a poor quality of manufacture. What the customer gets with Delta is a facility that does what it is supposed to do, will keeping running costs to a minimum but be manufactured to last

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the test of time. There are numerous customers who come back to Delta over and over again for this very reason.

One other new development that is already proving its worth is the integration of a demonstration facility at our works where customers can test new pretreatment chemistries, paints, powders etc, to ensure/prove the final facility meets the needs rather than leaving it to the data on the technical data sheets alone.

If you had a crystal ball, what differences and advancements would you expect to see in the paint and powder coating sector in, say, 20 years' time?

They will fall into three main categories:

1) The environment. Developments in paints will continue to improve and Delta will have to adapt its designs to suit the changes.

2) Energy. We all know that the cost of energy is going to keep going through the roof. Plant design will have to keep improving, use more efficient burners, motors etc and monitor the cost of the energy.

3) Quality. The consumer will expect higher quality and different finishes. This is going to force the design of application and plant facilities to develop to meet the new coatings needs.

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