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Welcome to Victorious Victorians! The Revival Tour

Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO) has been holding historic tours since 1971. In honor of our 40th Anniversary we are revisiting our very first historic home tour with a couple additional homes added to the line up as well.

And what a home tour we have! The homes on our 40th Anniversary

tour are simply spectacular. These homes have been restored with the dedication of personal resources and energies that have ensured the preservation and restoration of the excellence of 19th


American architectural design and San Diego’s unique resources of this era.

Late Victorian Americans (1870-90) took the design of their homes very seriously. The Victorians were highly status-conscious, and nothing displayed one’s status like the home. Their house was more than a home; it was a statement of their taste, wealth, and education.

During the 1880s when the homes on this tour were built and during a time when San Diego was booming, the dominant Victorian house styles were the Queen Anne and Stick Eastlake, which are also the two styles that dominate this tour.

While both have variations on character defining features, they share some commonalities. Both are characterized by exquisite excess, featuring bay windows, porches (often on multiple stories), balconies, stained glass decoration, roof finials and crestings, inset panels of stone, terra cotta and other materials, cantilevered upper stories, decorative trim, patterned shingles, elaborate brackets, banisters and spindles, even the chimneys on these homes are often wonderfully decorative. They both often boast towers and /or turrets. The houses that you will see today are excellent examples of this exuberance of ornateness.


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