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Editorial. T

his is the first year of Canal and River Trust the new Charity set

up to run the Waterways in place of British Waterways (BW). They are very touchy about how the name should be shortened, and insist on C&RT and not “CaRT”. This new organisation is still and I think will be in a transitional stage for a couple of years to come.

In this issue you will find two long reports, one on the proposals for HS2, the other from two user group meeting of C&RT. I hope you will find along with Roger’s report on the work at the

club and the Commodore’s comments, just how much work goes on mainly unseen by many club members. There are many Waterways organisations such as, TBA, IWA, AWCC, RYA, NABO and Walking and Cycling and even Fishing Groups who in their own way beaver away for the good of the Waterways in one way or another.

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