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Fleming Family Year of

Madness 2013. The Grand Cruise.

1. Our Son Ian, Yachtmaster, completed the three Peaks Challenge for charity.

2. Our eldest daughter completed the London Triathlon for charity.

3. My wife a septuagenarian and I an octogenarian took our boat 360 miles and 180 locks on a return trip from D.M.B.C. to Newbury for the shear HELL of it.

4. Our daughter, a Childline Counsellor completed the MACHU PICCHU challenge for the charity.

The main subject of this epistle is the boat trip.

We enjoyed the hospitality and help of three AWCC Club moorings:

Tamworth; twice, not far from Tamworth Railway Station, handy for crew pick up and drop off.

Thruppe; twice, near to two pubs and a Co-op which had a £50 cash back facility; handy in an area of few ATM's a short bus ride from Oxford Railway Station, handy for crew pick up and drop off.

Bourghfield Island – pub and bus to Reading Railway Station, handy for crew pick up and drop off.

Other Railway Stations, handy for crew pick up and drop off:

Willington, Burton on Trent, Athertstone, Nuneaton, Rugby and Lower Heyford.

We had help on the outward journey for the Atherstone and Napton flights and the Oxford lift bridges but we had to manage on our own on the return trip.

This article is in the ERT because we also had the pleasure of meeting two of the D.M.B.C. stalwarts.

At Willington we met David Marshall our generous donor, and Derek Flinders and his son Ian at Weston, and therein lies a story.

On our approach to Weston we were met with a fallen tree of some 2 ft diameter.

● 0700 a hirer from Sawley had already alerted his base who contact Suspendisse sem lorem, ornare non, vestibulum ut, tempor porttitor, est. Quisque convallis aliquet eros. Nunc nec nulla eget urna C&RT and had promised to send a Contractor.

● 0900 we arrived and were told by many who had a very cosy conversation with various answer phones.

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