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Commodores Report. A

t last a cruising season to enjoy, although it got started a little late it was worth waiting for.

Since my last report it was noted that after the floods of 2012/13 our underground holding tanks for waste water had been seriously compromised so what with all possible liabilities with regards to our responsibilities and costs that we could be facing if the contents were to contaminate the water course, it became apparent that replacement is urgently needed, to which end contactors are at present presenting estimates.

Following the floods our moorings took on a new look with a large amount of brown hills appearing; alas the mole man had to be called to eradicate the problem.

Next came the Spring Work Party can’t complain about the attendance because someone of greater being decided to cancel it (no not you Roger) with atrocious overnight weather covering the moorings in about 5 inches of the white stuff.

April brought the sad death of Fred Machin, ex Commodore and stalwart of our club, giving his time freely to anyone, as Fred would say LLAMUDOS.

Your club is slowly moving into the 21st century and soon Wi-Fi will hopefully be available to all on the moorings.

Thanks has to go to all the members who in the past 12 months have given help and assistance to many projects undertaken outside of work parties, i.e. water supply ,tree surgery and gardening to name just a few.

August again saw the flag at half mast when club member Ken Crowther past away after suffering multiple illnesses over many months our condolences were sent to his family

Autumn Work Party saw an overall attendance of 135 members and partners, a great deal of work was done, the club being prepared for Winter, the evening saw the Laying Up Supper take place in the paint bay attended by 40 plus members and ably provided by Cracklin Pig another excellent meal, our thanks to you all.

November saw the death of David Shaw, very suddenly and again our condolences go to his family.

During flood inspections it was noted that as the water was rising boats on moorings with T.V aerials attached to the posts were being wedged under these causing the boats to heel over, again its your boat your responsibility, and I feel that the flood team should not have to be put at risk on underwater walkways that are slimy and slippery, to heave

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