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Work At The Club S

ome times if you’re not involved, you may not always be aware,

what happens to keep the club running? You may not be aware of the problem with the water supply early this year, only to be a bit put out “no water “.

Turned out to be a big problem, with a very large pipe bringing the main supply towards the H.Q. Funny but once we spotted the leak, and began a little exploratory hole, the weather went from dry and sunny to wet and wetter. No outside domestic plumbers interested, bigger firms not interested, so roll up your sleeves and get on with it. But a group formed and got stuck in. Shift all the sleepers, shift one shed, dig and rig up pump to keep the water down. In the end large safe manhole was the answer, allowing repairs to be carried out. New taps, one bloody massive, one small, also a special valve which allows us to control the pressure on the site, this we found to be the cause of our woe’s too much pressure. At this stage we weakened, left, to be finished at the work party. Lid to be made and fitted and tidy up the area. Every one involved before the work party got a big “THANK YOU” sorry no big list, I don’t not want to miss any one out.

One person deserves a HUG from me, if you see the paint job on my boat, all done by my better half, yes my Boat was out the first week of


the BIG dig, ta Brenda, yes I will get you a new paint brush for next time.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the last work party, having operation on my shoulder (some comedian, said to remove a large chip). But, I did put together a good list of jobs to be done and was quietly pleased to find most things sorted. Very sorry, Nigel had an accident, but he tells me he’s getting better. The attendance was one of the best (may be I should stay away more often) many new members attended which is encouraging and the club site looked nice and tidy, well done, Thank you on behalf the council.

We have taken down four crab apple trees, these where rotten inside. Whilst not replacing all four, we will put in a few Rowan trees to provide shelter near the seats, Later on contractor the will be on site to trim trees back, also may take out two horse chestnut trees showing signs of disease, please be aware and keep cars well clear if you’re at club.

Can I ask you to keep your eyes on website and notice board, some repairs are required on fence work, I would like to get group together in the New Year to see if we can tackle this job.

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