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disbanded, to be replaced by something else, of which there are no details at present.

The HS2 Ltd Stakeholder Team that has been running the forums will be reduced in size, and two new teams will be formed – an Affected Parties team to deal with those directly affected by the scheme, and a Petition Management team to work with those intending to petition the hybrid bill to try and mitigate before the petitions are submitted. More bi-lateral meetings will be held, starting from the end of October to look at mitigation and accommodation works.

Update 7/11/2013

The latest meeting of the IWA working group on HS2 was held on 16/10/2013. There was a general review of the progress on the various actions arising from the previous meeting. In particular, the following points were highlighted:

1. The IWA had been unsuccessful in engaging a consultant to undertake design work on alternative alignments at Wood End Lock, and CRT had offered to assist by engaging their term consultant, Hyder, to undertake this work. It was noted that there was a reluctance by some consultants to undertake work to support petitioning against the upcoming hybrid bill, in that it might limit their opportunities to win other work from HS2 Ltd.

2. One of the items that was picked up at the last Whittington & Handsacre Local Community Forum meeting on 23/9/2013 was the question of vertical alignment tolerances which are to be included in the Hybrid Bill, these being stated as plus 3 metres, minus infinity. This means that the alignment could be lowered after the Hybrid Bill is passed without any need for further approvals. It was noted that this could seriously affect some restorations where the published plans forming part of the Bill indicated that there would be adequate clearance. CRT are raising this issue with HS2 Ltd.

3. Richard Parry is shortly to meet Baroness Kramer, the minister with responsibility for HS2 phase 2, and will be raising the CRT concerns about HS2, including the effect on restorations.

4. The CRT team involved with HS2 have now visited all the sites affected and have logged any issues at each location. This log was distributed to the members of the committee.

Des Barnard 7/11/13

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