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● Lymm Cruising Club – I have finally got a contact here and will be discussing their issues over the next few days.

Update 2/10/13

● I have discussed the effect of the project on Redhill Marina with Mr Richard Morley. They have a planning application submitted 18 months ago for a substantial marina development that on land directly affected by HS2. This application has been taken to appeal on the basis on non-determination by the local authority, and he is hoping for a decision by the year end. He has been advised that the appeal cannot take account of the HS2 plans. The aim is to get the moorings off the river and consequent risks from flooding. In his view, the current HS2 plans will virtually wipe out the marina, which has been in operation since 1970, and provides local employment for 20. He is very much against HS2 in principle, and considers that the provisions for compensation are inadequate.

● I have now discussed the project with Barry Greenhough of Lymm Cruising Club. He said that the general feeling at the Club was that there would be no effect on them for 20 years, by which time most of them would not be still boating. The Club appears fairly neutral to the scheme, and could bring some benefits in providing a sheltered area for boat painting under the viaduct! I advised him of the actions being taken at Lichfield, and warned him in particular of the dangers of leases which have only a limited time to run. They will keep in touch.

● I attended the latest local Community Forum meeting with HS2 Ltd on 23/9/13 (the Whittington to Handsacre length, which includes the section of the T&M affected at Wood End Lock).

HS2 Ltd gave an update on the project progress. The paving bill included in the last Queen’s Speech is expected to receive its 3rd reading within 2 months, which will allow funding for further design work to continue, and should be approved before the hybrid bill is presented top Parliament. There were 20,944 responses received on the Draft Environmental Statement (DES), and 869 responses on the Design Refinement document. The latter have been analysed and the results fed back to the Minister for consideration, and the DES responses will be reported by Oct 18th. The current design for the scheme does not include any of the alternatives proposed by either the local Community Forums or others, basically because they would cost more, and HS2 Ltd have not been given authority to consider higher cost options, although the alternatives are included in the DES refinement report for the Minister to consider. It was also announced that the local Community Forums are being


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