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Village approves ordinance limiting parking and storage of recreational vehicles

The Village of Lombard recently approved an ordinance that will prohibit the parking and storage of boats, trailers, and other recreational vehicles in front yards from Nov. 1 to March 31. The ordinance takes effect on Nov. 1, 2014.

Why do Lombard fi re engines go on ambulance runs?

Residents often ask why a fi re truck accompanies the ambulance on some emergency medical calls that are not fi re- related. There are several reasons. Different types of medical calls require

different types of responses or treatment as well as the volume of calls being received. Basic Life Support (BLS) refers to the services necessary to secure airway, breathing and circulation – the basics of life.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) offers more treatment options, including use of a range of tools, such as defi brillators, medical equipment and medications. All Lombard Firefi ghter/ Paramedics hired after 1984 are trained as

Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics in ALS. Lombard EMT/Paramedics are trained in what to use and when to use it in order to sustain life in different types of medical emergencies until the patient can be transported to the hospital where diagnosis and additional treatment can be provided. All ALS calls require at least two EMT/Paramedics to administer advance medical care.

Paramedics are dispatched in an ambulance to all emergency medical calls to treat the patient, whether

10 The Pride

“On some Advance Life Support calls, Paramedics may need additional assistance, in which case a fi re engine with its paramedics arrive to assist in patient care.”

BLS or ALS. On some Advance Life Support calls, Paramedics may need additional assistance, in which case a fi re engine with its paramedics arrive to assist in patient care. All Lombard Fire Department fi re engines and trucks are ALS response vehicles. Many times, there are multiple Emergency Medical calls simultaneously and ambulances are busy. When this happens, Lombard Fire Department can respond with a fi re engine to begin Advanced Life Support treatment until an ambulance becomes available or paramedics receive help from a neighboring town.

Residents may also occasionally notice an ambulance or fi re truck from a neighboring

town responding to a call in Lombard or a Lombard emergency vehicle responding to a call in another town. Lombard Fire Department is a member of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System that dispatches emergency responders from many towns within Illinois to help in the event of a large-scale emergency or multiple simultaneous requests for service. Mutual Aid can be employed when paramedics/fi refi ghters are on calls and additional calls are received that require assistance from outside the community.

The change limits the parking of recreational vehicles in the front yard of single family residential properties. The front yard is defi ned as the fi rst 30 feet from the property line. During the winter months, residents can park their recreational vehicles in their garage, side or rear yards as long the vehicle is on a hard surface, in the front yard past the setback of 30 feet or at off-site storage.

“This new ordinance will help keep front yards clear of such vehicles during the winter months when they are used less,” said William Heniff, Director of Community Development of the Village of Lombard. “By having the ordinance take effect in November 2014, we are able to alert residents to the change in Village Code. We hope the new Code provisions will enhance the beauty and safety of Lombard.” Effective immediately, recreational vehicles with wheels removed or permanently affi xed to the ground are illegal, per Village Code. Residents should contact the Community Development Department at (630) 620-5749 with any questions.

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