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Visiting Our Vineyards Date Night Dining in Wine Country Third Annual Rotary

soon to sample his latest creations…and to stop and enjoy the views of the Temecula vineyards right in our own backyard.

Taste of the World Benefit to be Held Located at Callaway Winery, 32720 Rancho California Road, Mer-

itage at Callaway is open for lunch daily and for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. On Thursday, December 19th, they will be holding a special five course wine and food pairing event. The food will be hearty holiday fare like Fig Wood Smoked Pork Loin with Yam/Pear Gratine. For reservations and more information, contact Meritage at (951) 587- 8889 or visit

Holiday Entertaining Class at Thornton Winery

Saturday - December 7, 2013 - 2:30 p.m. $70.00 per person

With a little planning, a little help, holiday entertaining doesn't have to

with bites of juicy pork charred with a nice crisp crust for added texture. Our next course reflected Chef Mike’s South American influences as the

selection off the Sandwich menu was actually a tostada dish. The Seared Rare Ahi Tuna Tostadas had seared ahi as its centerpiece, lying on a bed of avocado, tempura scallions, and cabbage, all on top of a mini-tostada shell. The ahi was drizzled with cream and a habanero salsa that had sweet un- dertones but a really good kick – not for the faint of heart. The tempura scal- lions and the fresh, crisp tostada shell provided a nice crunch. For our entrée, we tried the Grilled Veal Tri Tip. The veal was perfectly

grilled, moist and tender, served with Chimichurri. Originally from Argentina, Chimichurri is a sauce of finely chopped spices such as parsley, oregano, and minced garlic, blended with olive oil and vinegar.

It is usually paired with grilled meats, so this combination with the veal tri tip provided an authentic

mean you're too stressed out to enjoy your own party. Join Executive Chef Jeff D. Massey and Sous Chef Sara Costello as they

help to take the stress out of the holiday entertaining. They will be discussing food ideas and tips for maintaining your sanity.

• Homemade Eggnog • Quick and easy appetizers • Decorating Christmas Cupcakes • Adult and kid friendly beverages For Reservations Call: (951) 699-0099 or go to


Latin flair and brought out the flavor of the meat. We wanted a little something sweet to end our meal, so Chef Mike sug-

gested the Crème Brulee. When it arrived, it looked like a traditional brulee, with strawberry and raspberry garnishes, but this version had a surprising twist. The topping was created with a spiced caramelized sugar blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, turning the dessert from ordinary into ex- traordinary. The delicious variation seemed an appropriate way to finish off our experience at Meritage – it was one of many culinary surprises served by Chef Mike throughout the meal. The creativity and passion he puts into his diverse selections makes the experience of dining at Meritage a treat that shouldn’t be reserved only for tourists to the winery. We’ll plan to come back

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