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HEALTH & WELLNESS By Teryn Jones There are quite a few new GF products in the market. Recently a local

Target Super Store added several new GF items to their shelves: Immaculate Naturally Delicious GF refrigerated brownies and cookies; Pillsbury refriger- ated GF cookie dough, pie crusts and pizza dough and in the frozen section I found GF soups, frozen chicken nuggets, chicken pad thai, zucchini banana chocolate muffins, chicken pot pie, and burritos just to name a few. I also found Nature Valley Roasted Nut Church Granola bars. Just in time for the holidays Udi’s has come out with a GF Pumpkin muf-

fin which would make a wonderful treat on Christmas morning. They come 4 to a package and are usually found in the freezer section of stores like Bar- ron’s and Sprouts. Their muffins are tasty room temperature or heated. If pumpkin is not you’re a favorite, you can choose from blueberry, lemon, chocolate or you could try their GF cinnamon rolls. One of the favorite things I tried at the Natural Products Expo West in

Anaheim,CA was Potapas tortillas. It has been months since I have tried these tortillas, but I have yet to get them out of my mind. Potapas are verified GF, dairy free, corn free, soy free, nut free, tortillas made from potatoes with garbanzo bean flour. I found that they are very comparable to flour tortillas in taste and texture. They are a soft tortilla and they don’t crumble. They are great for soft tacos, fajitas, quesadillas and more. They finally are available in this area as they debutted at Sprouts Market at the end of November. Those with Celiac and Gluten sensitivity know how accidently getting

some gluten can ruin your day. Therapeutic grade essential oils can help and they work fast too. They are great for the tummy aches, cramping and diar- rhea that can come from accidently ingesting gluten. I rubbed two drops of

Young Living’s peppermint on my tummy during a full blow attack and found relief within a few minutes. Di-Gize a blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemon Grass, Anise, and Patchouli is for digestive problems. According to the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book by Life Science Pub- lishing Di-Gize relieves digestive problems including, heartburn, gas, and bloating and it also helps fight Candida. Our family has successfully used both Peppermint and Di-Gize for digestive problems. These oils will be trav- eling with me, just in case, as I visit friends and family for the holidays,

For additional information and support on the gluten free lifestyle

and Celiac Disease, locally there are two Celiac groups one in Hemet Contact Jenny Darby at (951) 288-5999 one in Temecula contact Ramona Inman . You can also visit the Facebook page Temecula Celiac Group.

DECEMBER 2013 New Gluten Free Products - Now on the Shelves!

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