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DECEMBER 2013 THE MOTHERS OF RE-INVENTION By Cathy Stevenson So, I guess it's fair to say that even though the

AARP has been sending me applications for a while now, I shudder at the thought of filling it out and join- ing. They do not give up on me. They are relentless. For some unknown reason, they think I'm old. Hon- estly, I do not know how I got on that list they have, but I believe they are sorely mistaken. There must be someone with my same name out there that they are trying to contact. Because it certainly cannot possibly be me, I am not even close to owning up to the title of "senior citizen, or "retired person," or whatever they want to call me. Granted, I WAS born in the black and

white TV era. My mother did wear a little apron when she cooked and gasoline was about 29 cents a gallon.

a pretty long time ago. But old is not a number. Old is a mindset. I am a recent empty-nester. My youngest left for his first year of college a couple

of months ago. It's been a little difficult, but at the same time I have realized I AM FREE!!! I don't have to wake anyone up for school, sell fundraiser stuff for my kids at work, and I can make a perfectly great dinner from a block of cheese, a few crack-

I do admit that the date of birth on my driver's license was

ers and a nice bottle of red wine. After 29 years of constant child raising, I am ready to re-invent myself and take on a whole new identity. My Baby Boomer "sisters," both ca- sual acquaintances and close friends, are most definitely going through the same changes. Some are divorcing after 30+ years of marriage. Some are marrying after 30+ years of being happily single. Others are changing careers or cities or styles of clothing. I think we have all realized that now is the time. There is no waiting for later. The longer we live, and the more loved ones we lose, the urgency of fulfilling our dreams becomes that much more evident. I am slowly learning to say no to the things I don't want to do.

I am not returning

the calls of people I no longer want in my life (and not feeling guilty about it. Well, maybe a little).

is no shame. I will continue to cover the gray in my hair. I will spend whatever I need to on anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging, anti-aging and anti-everything products

I sleep in on Sundays and watch movies in my pajamas all day. There I will

probably not be getting a tattoo. And to the nice folks at AARP, save your postage. Cease and desist your barrage of letters, cards and offers. At least for the time being. I would love to hear from you: or go to my blog:

Exercise Classes for 50+ The City of Lake Elsinore is offering new fitness classes with Geri

Fit. The classes are designed just for active adults 50+, but most are open to ages 18+. Classes include Just Arms & Legs; Strength Training for 50+: & Body Sculpting. Classes are held Mon & Wed mornings at the Lake Community Center. Call (951) 245-0442 for more information and to pre-register.

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