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are to reaching goals while receiving achievement badges to reward their hard work, an incentive that keeps exercisers returning to the gym on a regular schedule. Exercisers can also track their physical activities outside the gym,

such as skiing, running, and more together with their gym workouts via the Preva Mobile app. This ensures every workout session is recorded against pre-set goals. Over the past 15 years, Fitness Incentive has upgraded their

facility to new Precor equipment multiple times. While the rollout of Preva was different than previous equipment-only upgrades, the Precor team showed this expanded deployment could be just as seamless. “We were really excited about the new Precor equipment and couldn’t wait to unveil it for members,” said Brown. “But we were particularly thrilled about Preva and all the cool new features we would have at our disposal. While the IT requirements were more involved than in earlier updates, the Preva IT team was there to guide us and make sure it was easy and straightforward.” With the new equipment installed over three days, Fitness Incen- tive looked forward to getting their hands on Preva’s other unique features, including console communication options and equipment usage monitoring. Fitness Incentive runs a variety of in-house and email market- ing programs to members. They work diligently to get special of- fers, classes and other promotions in front of the greatest amount of exercisers. Preva In-Touch instantly became another powerful “channel” for delivering these communications to clients. “We develop a ton of content for our marketing efforts, whether it’s for marquee screens in the gym, our website, our blog, or for monthly email campaigns,” added Brown. “We took the opportunity

during the Preva roll out to migrate this content to Blogger. Blogger easily integrated with our Google Analytics program and would be one spot to drive members to via the P80 console and our online properties.” With the Preva Business Suite Feed Publisher, Fitness Incen-

tive is able to create feeds that promote new content and offers to exercisers on their consoles. With Message Manager, staff can send targeted messages to captive audiences on the P80 console welcome screen. One of the first promotions Fitness Incentive ran via Preva In Touch significantly increased participation in and revenue generated from the gym’s “Fantastic Four” contest. “In our ‘Fantastic Four’ contest, exercisers pay a fee to work within a small group led by a trainer for eight weeks,” said Brown. “Using Preva to drive interest in this contest, we saw enrollment grow 25 percent.” Another gain courtesy of the Preva Business Suite, was real-

time access to equipment status. In-depth reporting notifies staff of machine usage, so that pieces can be moved around the floor to extend the life of the equipment. Fitness Incentive confirmed that end treadmills are used as much as 100 hours more than those on the inside, triggering staff to rotate lesser used pieces to these high traffic spots. The team also learned that exercisers were using ellipticals with about the same frequency as AMTs (Adaptive Motion Trainers), confirming it’s critical to offer both.

Preva is instrumental in helping Fitness Incentive better manage

its infrastructure, understand client equipment preferences, attract clients and drive additional revenue. But the greatest validation comes from clients, who regularly comment that the facility’s value, quality and uniformity, have made it their number one choice.

BarreConcept Workout Method Ditch the tutu

See you at the Barre

A real barre workout is set to the beat and phrase of high energy dance music. BarreConcept is a non stop workout combining the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga, technique of ballet and strength from sports conditioning. • No Licence Fees • 24 hours of Practical Learning • Internationally Accredited Course in UK, America, Canada and Australia

BarreConcept - Have you got what it takes?

• Continuing Online Education • Choreography DVD and Manual • 4 FIS CED points • Pay in instalments • Courses all over the UK and abroad

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