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Preva Networked Fitness Gives New York Club Competitive Edge

The following supplier article has been provided to canfitpro Magazine courtesy of Precor

the market,” said Ken Brown, owner, Fitness Incentive. “It’s our policy to think through how each piece of equipment contributes to the whole of the gym and the success of our clients. Beyond offering a great fitness experience, the equipment must look great and be uniform in appearance and operating style.”

Since opening, Fitness Incentive has learned a number of les-

sons about what contributes to exerciser satisfaction. One critical factor since the 1980s has always been consistency across machines. Exercisers want to have confidence when they jump from machine to machine that start up will be easy, setting goals will be quick and measuring results at the end will be crystal clear. With these criteria in mind, the team set out to evaluate the market’s latest cardio offerings. Gym staff quickly determined Precor® was the only provider to demonstrate a unified experience across equipment types. One of the key features creating this consistency was the company’s Preva® networked fitness solution. Preva is available across the 880 cardio equipment line, including Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®), ellipticals, treadmills, and recumbent and upright bikes. Fitness Incentive determined Precor with Preva was the superior approach to creating the familiar experience their exercisers want. But the benefits of this installation stretched far beyond what staff expected. “The Precor machines are attractive inside and out, and because

made a game-changing move with its adoption of networked fitness. It’s now the club to which all others in the vicinity are compared. Established in 1984, Fitness Incentive targets higher-


end clientele in the Long Island area. The gym’s track record of providing best in class fitness equipment, a variety of group exercise classes such as “Ab Attack,” “Pump and Jump” and “Spin Express,” and a long list of amenities such as daycare, spa, salon and nutrition services, have all contributed to the club’s steady success. Management has always paid particular interest to cardio equipment, being sure to identify machines that deliver the best experiences and making a commitment to replace them at the right time. But with a growing number of choices in the fitness equipment marketplace, deciding what to buy during their regular updates had become increasingly difficult. “There are so many flashy products out on

38 canfitpro NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013

o attract and keep members in a competitive market, clubs must provide unmatched customer service and quality of equipment and classes. Take, for example, the neighbourhood of Babylon Village, New York, where more than 10 gyms compete for business in a five-mile radius. One of these clubs, Fitness Incentive, recently

the consoles look the same, exercisers are confident moving between each piece of equipment,” added Brown. “This achieves our need to have a broad variety of equipment that starts up, motivates exercisers during their workout and powers down the same. But the networked fitness aspect proved to be the real breakthrough of this rollout.” Networked fitness is the inspired connection of people and the

technology that empowers their fitness journey. Preva brings this to gyms by offering a personalized fitness experience specifically designed to help exercisers achieve their goals. Users set up a Preva Personal Account on a P80 console, where they set a weekly objective for number of workouts and associated goal for calories, distance or duration. Logging their workouts, users can view how close they

EXERCISERS GRAVITATE TO P80 The P80 console rivals the best in consumer elec- tronics. It is specifically designed for the in-motion exerciser, with no cluttered screens or games to dis- tract from the workout. On-console videos illustrate how to best use each piece of equipment, instilling confidence in beginner exercisers. Preset workouts grouped by fitness goal are easy to browse and select, and exercisers are greeted by a featured workout of the day to keep challenged. The inte- grated media experience features television, iPod/ iPhone playlists, and a workout progress panel to keep exercisers in full control of their workout.

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