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questions or situations you’ve struggled to resolve. Finally, keep track of the benefits that you notice from incorporating meditation into your yoga practice. These will become incentives to continue!

Recognizing Your Success How do you know if you are actually meditating successfully? Different people describe this meditative state in different ways. Some see a single source of light, some see themselves from a dis- tance, while others see images or even sense colors. Some people simply see or feel nothing that they can express with words. Often times you will experience a wonderful state of “beingness,” an inner glow of warmth and peace. All of these experiences are successful. Just as there is no “right” version of a yoga pose, there is no “right” way to meditate.

As you begin to explore meditation and the meditation tech- niques remember that every day is different, every practice is different, and we are constantly faced with new struggles and challenges. Yet, our inner truth remains the same; we only need to look within. Whatever your meditation practice looks like, be sure to embrace the essence of YogaFit and let go of all judgment of your personal experience.

Featured YogaFit® Pose

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) When: After a warm-up (Mountain 2) Why: To both stretch and strengthen the body

How: Standing with your feet roughly four feet apart, heels are aligned and pointed perpendicular from each other. On an inhale stretch sideways, hingeing slightly from your hip while length- ening through your side waist. Feeling your pelvic floor and core muscles engage, open your arms while maintaining strong stability.

Tip: Remember there is nothing special about the floor! Maintaining core strength is essential to this pose.

Join us at the YogaFit Mind Body Conference in April 2014 for Transformational Meditation, a one-day workshop taught by Beth Shaw to assist in developing and teaching a meditation program. No pre-requisites required.

Beth Shaw, E-RYT, BS, CMT is the president and founder of YogaFit Training Systems Inc., the world leader in mind- body education. The author of “Beth Shaw’s YogaFit,” she’s widely recognized as the premier yoga fitness train- er in the industry. An innovative educator, entrepreneur, and visionary also responsible for YogaButt, YogaFitness for Men, and countless other yoga fitness combinations, Beth and her company have been showcased in numer-

ous fitness magazines as well as O magazine, Time, and more. 24 canfitpro NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013

YogaFit Trainings in Canada

Register for one of these upcoming YogaFit® trainings in Canada! Begin your journey with Level 1 or any of our spe- cialty trainings: Anatomy, Seniors, PreNatal or YogaFit® Kids. All trainings are eligible for canfitpro CECs and canfitpro members save 10% off trainings with code TTR-canfitpro. For information or to register, go to

Alberta Anatomy—February 22-2, 2014—Airdrie Kids!—March 28, 2014—Sherwood Park Level 1—March 29-30, 2014—Sherwood Park Level 1—June 7-8, 2014—Airdire Level 2—December 7-8, 2014—Edmonton

British Columbia Level 1—November 28-29, 2013—Vancouver (at the canfitpro conference) Level 1—January 18-19, 2014—Vancouver YogaLean 2—March 7, 2014—Vancouver Level 2—March 8-9, 2014—Vancouver

Interested in hosting one of these BC YogaFit Canada trainings in 2014? Contact –hosting perks are available!

Manitoba Kids!—December 6, 2013—Winnipeg Level 1—December 7-8, 2013—Winnipeg PreNatal—March 14, 2014—Winnipeg Anatomy—March 15-16, 2014—Winnipeg

Newfoundland Level 1—July 10-11, 2014—St. John’s Level 2—July 12-13, 2014—St. John’s

Nova Scotia Level 1—March 22-23, 2014—Halifax Seniors—April 26, 2014—Halifax PreNatal—April 27, 2014—Halifax

Ontario Toronto Mind Body Fitness Conference—April 24-27, 2011 - Level 1, Level 4, Anatomy, Seniors, PreNatal, YogaFit For Warriors, Transformational Meditation, Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma, YogaProps

Anatomy—November 30-December 1, 2013—Toronto Kids!—February 15, 2014—Toronto Level 1—December 7-8, 2013—Toronto Level 1 – January 25-26, 2014 – Toronto Level 1—February 9-10, 2014—Niagara Falls Level 1—March 1-2, 2014—Ottawa Level 1—March 8-9, 2013—Hamilton Level 2—March 8-9, 2014—Toronto PreNatal—January 11, 2014—Toronto Level 2—March 22-23, 2014—Burlington

Prince Edward Island Level 1—May 1-2, 2014—Summerside Level 2—May 3-4, 2014—Summerside

Québec Kids!—December 6—Montréal Level 1—March 29-30, 2014—Montréal Level 2 (French)—December 7-8, 2013—Repentigny Level 3 (French)—January 11-12, 2014—Québec City Level 5—December 7-8, 2013—Montréal Therapy 1—March 20-23, 2014—Montréal YogaBack—March 20, 2014—Montréal

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