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THE CORONADO HISTORICAL ASSN. is proud to present “Project Home Front.” When planning our new exhibit, WINGS OF GOLD: Coronado & Naval Aviation, a simple project to help our community mark the Centennial of Naval Aviation was proposed: to recognize the homes where a naval aviator once lived (or lives now), with a small distinctive yard sign.

Soon, this project took on a life of its own, growing exponentially as word spread through the naval aviation community. Phone calls started coming from all over the country, even overseas. The stories we’ve heard are touching, and sometimes heartbreaking, as a family member tells us how much this sign would mean to their loved one who has passed on.

A glance at the centerfold map in this brochure shows what we hoped to demonstrate — just how important naval aviators have been to our community since 1911, when Glenn Curtiss set up his flight school here to train military pilots. We hope you enjoy learning more about the men and women who have served our country so bravely through peacetime and in war, and who, at least for a time, called Coronado home.

1 1411 Eighth Street Adkins, Joe D., CAPT 4100 flight hours, 537 carrier landings. Served since 1942 in WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Awards: DFC.

2 753 C Avenue Andreasen, Peter Allen, “PI,” CDR 20 years of service, 1635 flight hours, 439 carrier landings, aircraft flown: F-14A. Served in Operation Southern Watch, 25 combat missions. Awarded Air Medal.

3 721 Country Club Andrews, Joel, CDR Served 22 years, 3550 hours of flight and more than 200 carrier landings. Flew an E-Z over 200 combat missions in Vietnam. Awards: 3 Air Medals and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

4 740 J Avenue Arnold, Murr, RADM Born 1900. Died 1991. U.S. Naval Academy 1923. Air Officer aboard carrier USS Yorktown, 1940. Pacific campaigns of WWII on Solomon Islands. Awarded Silver Star.

5 302 E Avenue Arthur, George, “Wort,” CDR 23 years of service, 3000 flight hours with 450 carrier landings. Served in Desert Storm. Awards: Strike/Flight Air Medal and Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V.

6 425 Ninth Street *Ashworth, Thomas

7 820 Coronado Avenue Ayers, William R., CDR Served 21 years, flew an FJ-4 Fury.


How to use this brochure: Each sign has a number corresponding to a number on the map in the center of this brochure. Listed on the other pages are the same numbers with the aviator’s name (names are in alphabetical order), followed by a brief military bio of the aviator, so you can drive, bike or walk by the homes on a self-guided tour.

Because of space

considerations only a brief bio could be included.

information was just not available.

Only the first 300 signs are represented in this brochure, the quantity we originally

planned for. Check our website,, for aviator info on sign numbers over 300. Our bright blue signs will remain in place until mid-September. An asterisk (*) represents names out of alphabetical order or biographical material was unavailable. Highlighted numbers represent well- known aviators.

Special thanks to the volunteers who have made Project Home Front possible: Susan Keith, Rob Crenshaw, Tom Mustin, Lorraine Roley, Wright Smith and Boy Scout Troop #806.

In some cases biographical

8 751 Balboa Bailey, Christopher Garry, “Blackjack,” CDR 15 years service, 2900 flight hours. Aircraft flown H-60. Served in Iraqi Freedom.

9 850 B Avenue, 428 H Avenue, 441 A Avenue *Baldauff, Jr., Larry C. 12 year of active service and 2500 flight hours. 320 carrier landings. Served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Flew combat-damaged airplanes from Philippines to Japan for repair.

10 422 Tenth Street *Centeno, Robert Joseph, “Peso,” LCDR 14 years of service, 3000 flight hours, 225 carrier landings. Aircraft flown: F-14. Served in Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan.

11 1140 Alameda Black, Lex Leroy Received his wings 1930. Fought in WWII and Korean War. Died 1968.

12 751 Cabrillo Avenue Boulton, Thomas A. Died 1957 landing an A2D on an aircraft carrier.

13 550 C Avenue Bowen, John Charles, “Seawolf,” CDR 20 years of service, 2500 flight hours. Served in Vietnam, estimated 200 combat missions.

14 830 Balboa Avenue Boyer, Keith, CDR Born 1926. Died 2000. 23 years military service. Flew over two dozen types of aircraft. 229 landings on the USS Midway and USS Coral Sea during Vietnam. Awards: 4 Air Medals.

15 676 A Avenue *Brandley, Frank, RADM

16 880 Coronado Brennan, Lisa Christine, “Devil Woman,” LT 8 years of service, 1608 hours, 320 shipboard landings. Predominant aircraft flown the HH-46D. Awards: 2 Boeing Rescue pins.

17 880 Coronado Brennan, Peter James, “Sneaky,” CAPT 25 years active duty to date, 2460 flight hours with 765 shipboard landings. Served in Desert Shield. Awards: Bell Rescue pin, Sikorsky Rescue pin, Boeing Rescue pin.

18 1020 Alameda Blvd. Bruce, George, “George,” CAPT 27 years of service, 5000 flight hours, 400 carrier landings. Aircraft flown: S2, several in combat support for support “25.”

19 144 Palm Buckley, Jason A., “JBuck,” LCDR 12 years service, 2200 flight hours, 205 carrier landings. Participated in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

20 110 Carob Way Butcher, Bob, “Thunder,” MajGen, USMC 33 years service, 100 carrier landings. Awards: DFC, Bronze Star Medal with Combat V, and over 15 other medals.

21 453 C Avenue *Cady, Gordon D., CDR 22 720 Alameda *Campbell, Robert B

23 924 Pomona Avenue Cargill, Lee CAPT 24 yrs. service, 2300 flight hours, variety of







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