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Rhymes & Music and Cerebral Activity

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A Nonprofit Organization Early Intervention Still Best Option

By Catherine O’Neill Grace Concerned parents who want

to help their children who stutter have a new resource to turn to.

The Stuttering Foundation has released a new 16-minute video, 7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters, that offers practi-

cal strategies parents can use to support their young children’s communication skills and build their confidence. In the video, a group of ex-

perts talk compassionately and directly to adults about how to promote easier talking as they interact with preschool-age children. The professionals offer simple, easy-to-do tips that parents can begin to use immediately. “We believe that this

project will make a real difference for parents who are frightened and feel helpless when their child first begins to stutter,” says Lisa A. Scott, Ph.D., of The Florida State University. “They think it is their fault and wonder Continued on page 20

New Assessment Tool for Use with Parents

By Sharon Millard Ph.D., Research Lead, The Michael Palin Centre, London

The Palin Parent Rating Scale

(Palin PRS) is the result of collab- orative research which involved clinicians, re- searchers and parents of chil- dren who stut- ter, using a mixed methods approach to re- search. It grew out of a clinical

Sharon Millard, Ph.D.

need to evaluate children’s stut- tering in terms of its frequency and severity outside the clinic, but also in relation to the impact

that it has on the child. Parents see this over a wider range of contexts than the clinician and have a deeper understanding about how the child is affected both in the moment of stuttering and more broadly. So having a measure that can be used to gath- er parents’ perspectives was con- sidered to be a useful adjunct to current assessment tools. The Palin PRS was developed

using a systematic, structured ap- proach known as a Delphi tech- nique. Parents who had attended the Michael Palin Centre for thera- py over a twelve month period were invited to participate. We held a focus group of parents to decide

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Difference for Kids An exciting new book for

Teachers Make a

children, The Teacher Who Made a Difference, written by noted chil- dren’s author Corrine M. Litzenberg, is now available. The story

portrays the close relation- ship Corinne has with her teacher, Mrs. Mabel. They work their way through challenging situations related to Corinne’s stuttering. Continued on page 20

CFC #11047  Since 1947 ... Helping Those Who Stutter

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