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T is Diet Won’t Fail (

Interested in getting into your pre- baby jeans? Noshing extra calories while nursing a baby? Fighting fat and just want to become and stay thin? For whatever reason you want to lose weight, you want a diet that won’t fail. We have the answer.


Most diets promise common sense solutions to tight-pants problems: Eat less; weigh less. Keep your mouth closed; you’ll keep the pounds off . Sweat like a sauna-dwelling sumo and you’ll wind up thinner than a sheet of paper. But if diets really worked that way, we wouldn’t be showing up on Google Earth. If it were really that easy, most diets wouldn’t fail. Maybe most diets have it wrong. Should

you simply tackle the corn chips, croissants and cheesecake with brute force? It’s you versus food in a lifetime heavyweight fi ght. But this fi ght is always fi xed—and not in your favor. When it comes to dieting, trying to whip fat

with willpower is the food equivalent of holding your breath underwater. You can do it for a while, but no matter how psyched you get, at some point your body—your biology—forces you to the surface gasping for air. So it goes with diets: At some point, your body forces you to gasp (or gulp) for food. No matter how hard you try not to eat, some hidden force deep inside is always prying your mouth back open, making it impossible for willpower to win. Instead of sparring with your waistline, make

your body your ally in the fat fi ght. It’s time to win with elegance, with smarts, and with healthy choices that become as automatic as a Simon Cowell barb.


Your Latest Diet: The Plan Get Active

Eat for Life

Get a buddy Hardly

anyone accomplishes anything

alone—so the first thing you need is a buddy. She or he can be a committed spouse or an exercise friend who has your back and cheers you on to great healthful food choices and will not sabotage your plan, no matter what.

Walk Your ultimate goal is 10,000 steps every day—NO EXCUSES! Your buddy or we ( can help you build up to 10,000 daily steps. Walking improves all of your body’s systems and builds the habit and motivation you need for ongoing success. It’s THE most important thing you can do to affect weight loss.

Stretch Do 3 to 5 minutes of stretching after your walk. While it keeps your muscles limber and flexible, which helps prevent injury, stretching also has a meditative element that helps you refocus and cope with cravings. Be gentle— “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply here.

Dump your

fridge Read the ingredient labels on everything in your kitchen cupboards, refrigerator, breadbox and everywhere else you stash food. TRASH any of the 5 Food Felons® listed herein.

Go food

shopping The first week, you’ll have a larger-than-normal shopping list because you’ll stock up on essentials as well as ingredients you’ll need for this week’s recipes. We want to turn your kitchen into a nutritional honor society so that it’s filled with good-for-your-waist foods that make it easy (and automatic!) to eat right.




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