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Stock Show & Rodeo Horse Show will debut a new event, the Youth Rodeo, February 10-11, 2014. This two day, all-youth equine competition will feature select rodeo-type events in the Horse Show arena located in the Expo Hall. Events will focus on

speed and roping competitions including Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Tie- Down Roping, Ribbon Roping, Breakaway Roping, and Team Roping. Several age groups will be offered. Boys and girls will compete for prizes including buckles and trophy jackets, as well as their share of the jackpot. “The Youth Rodeo

really gets to the heart of our mission here at the San An- tonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. (S.A.L.E.).

It’s entirely

youth-focused, it celebrates western events that are really exciting for both exhibitors and the general public, and it does all that in a format which is accessible and rewarding for those youth,” explained Duane

Frerich, Horse Show Commit- tee Chairman.

Katie Reynolds,

Horse Show Director, com- mented “The horse industry continues to evolve, and S.A.L.E. wants to be responsive to our exhibitors’ in- terests and needs. We continue to see increas- ing interest and growth in our discipline-fo- cused, timed events such as barrels, cutting, and team penning. The Youth Rodeo gives us even more opportuni- ty to explore similar events with an entirely youth format, so we’re very excited about it.” The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo expects strong participation the first year, and hopes the Youth Rodeo will become an event they can continue to build on in the future.

Other developments

for the 2014 S.A.L.E. Horse Show events include a newly

combined class schedule for the Quarter, Paint, and Open Horse Shows. The schedule now al- lows classes for all three shows

may be particularly helpful to youth as they pursue points, awards and coveted S.A.L.E. scholarships. One example of

Volume Eighteen - Issue Three November 2013

san antonio stock show spotlights youth in new youth rodeo

explains “In one day of com- petition, horse show exhibitors will be able to show in as many as three shows.

People can

expect to cross-enter easily with few addi- tional costs outside of class fees. They’ll be able to really make the most of their time and money here.”

Also fea-

tured in the 2014 schedule are the NCHA Cutting Feb. 6-9, Select Horse Sale Feb. 15, Ranch Geld- ing Stakes & Sale Feb. 16, Barrel Racing Feb. 17-18, and Team Pen- ning Feb. 19-22. The popular Junior Horse Judging Contest will be Feb. 13 and the youth Horse Skilla- thon Contest will be Feb. 15.

For details

and rules on Horse Show events, refer to

to be grouped by type. This pro- vides for a more efficient show experience for those exhibiting in more than one show, which

this is having youth Western classes occur on Saturday, Feb- ruary 15th

for AQHA, APHA, and Open Shows. Reynolds

the Horse Show Premium List found at This year the San

Antonio Livestock Exposition,

Inc. d.b.a. San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has committed $11.3 million to education. The amount represents schol- arships, grants, endowments, junior livestock and western art auctions, Calf Scramble program and show premiums paid to youth in the state of Texas.

This brings the total

amount the organization has committed since inception to $134.6 million.

The San Antonio

Livestock Exposition, Inc. has a rich tradition and history of stewardship to the com- munity, agriculture industry and youth of Texas. With a clear vision of the future, a successful past and continual dedication from over 5,500 volunteers, S.A.L.E. will con- tinue to provide wholesome family entertainment and be a pillar of strength and support to the youth of Texas.

For additional in-

formation, go to www.saro- or contact S.A.L.E. at or 210.225.1309.

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around kind of a horse that comes from the hill country near Kerrville,Texas. He was used on a small working ranch, and is pretty handy for riding and checking fenc- es, water,and livestock. He can be ridden by anyone, including Beginner and Novice riders. He does not have any bad habits, and has not been spooky in crowds, on the trails, in the pasture or in the pens. He has a laid-back manner, and rides with a loose rein. He rides with a one-handed neck rein, stop, and back-up. I like this horse and I be- lieve he will be a great asset to any family, stable, guest ranch, or working ranch.

is a 14.1 hand 10year old all-

“Jucie Frute” is a 11 year old 14.3 hand pretty palomino ranch gelding that comes from the ranching area in New Mexico. This horse has had many miles of good long rides while gath- ering and checking cattle on a large ranch. I have not found him to have any bad habits, and he rides very well with a one-handed neck rein, stop, and back-up. He has not spooked in the pasture, on the trails, in the pen, or in crowds. He is very attentive, and gives you all of his attention, and does not let other horses or his surroundings distract him. I am very comfortable recommending him for the Beginner and Novice riders, and I feel he will be really appreciated by the Intermediate and Experienced riders also. This is a horse with excellent conformation, and can carry a heavy person, without being too tall to get on.

Juicie Frute

“Trey” is the horse that most people are look- ing for. He is 9 years old, stands 14 hands, and is gentle, gentle, gentle. He has a good one-hand neck rein, stop, and rides with a loose rein in every gait, and is excellent with children riders and adults. He has no bad hab- its, and is definitely not spooky, or frisky. He responds well to his cues, and is not intimidat- ing to anyone. This horse came from a small family ranch, and was ridden by the whole family. This family has owned him for the last 5 years, and only offered him for sale due to some unexpected expenses. This is one of the best all around horses that has been here in a long time. He will definitely be a beauti- ful,and unique asset to anyone that owns him.


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