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A SPA BUSINESS PUBLICATION spa opportunities OCTOBER 2013 NEW DELHI, INDIA Daily news & jobs:

Dalai Lama electrifies the Global Spa & Wellness Summit The Dalai Lama advocates

The highlight of this year’s Global Spa & Wellness Summit – held in New Delhi, India on 6-7 October – was an address from keynote speaker the Dalai Lama, who partici- pated in a discussion on the subject, What is Wellness? The session, led by Ken

Pelletier – professor of med- icine at the University of California School of Medicine – saw the Dalai Lama address the summit, before taking part in a Q&A session. In a warm and enlighten-

ing address, peppered with humour, regular outbursts of laughter and thoughtful reflections on his own life, he shared his frank views and philosophies with delegates on a wide range of subjects from health and wellbeing to world peace and from science and religion to education.


The board of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit announced in New Delhi that Marrakech in Morocco has been chosen as the location for the next summit in 2014. A representative of the Moroccan

tourist board attended this year’s GSWS to observe and to meet the board and took to the stage in the closing session of the conference to welcome the GSWS to Morocco. A date and venue weren’t given, but

it’s likely to be held in the third quarter of the year again, rather than reverting to its original May schedule. Te spa market in Morocco, with its hammam culture, is growing fast.


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You could have heard a pin drop as the Dalai Lama addressed GSWS delegates He told delegates: “Trust and a peaceful

mind are the key factors for a healthy body. A healthy mind equals a healthy body. Hygiene of the body is important, but hygiene of the emo- tion is just as important for wellbeing”

Summit Forums are catalyst for change

For the first time, this year’s Global Spa & Wellness Summit in New Delhi staged forums for six key industry sub-sectors. Led by global leaders in the relative fields,

the forums enabled delegates to strategise on how best to solve the greatest challenges facing their sub-sectors, as well to discuss collaborat- ing to expand on joint opportunities. Similar breakout sessions with some of

the titles seen at this year’s GSWS had been explored in the past, but were never named. Now labeled as Forums, they will continue to be a fixture on the GSWS agenda going for- ward. What may change – depending on trends – is the grouping. Tis year’s forums concluded with the presentation of defining moments and points of action by the respective chairs.

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self reliance and taking per- sonal responsibility, saying “If I’m angry and pray to Buddha, not much happens. Destructive emotions develop within, so the antidote must also develop within. Better humanity doesn’t come from the sky – from God – it comes from within our- selves. Once you realise an emotion is harmful, relax and your mind will be at peace.” Pelletier asked how we can

cope with disease and move towards wellness. “We need to take an holistic approach,” he said, “and try not to worry too

much. Sometimes if we look too closely at a problem, it appears unbearable. It’s easier to cope if we look at it from a wider perspec- tive. We also need to keep courage and hope.” Continued on back page

Charles Davidson led the Hot Springs Forum Global Hotel Spa Forum facilitator Anne

McCall Wilson, from Fairmont, said her group prioritised the need for guest-centric research to find out what customers really want. At the same time, hotel spa operators recommitted to gathering consistent data for benchmarking. Continued on page 2 overleaf

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